1: In the beginning

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(Song: You know you like it
I thought this picture was just so adorable! It's Death reading an alphabet book to his baby girl 😆 If your wondering why I have a wolf tagged in the story; just think about an old fairy tale. HINT HINT the RED cloak... pretty sneaky right **wink wink, nudge nudge** I'm excited for this book I hope all you watty peps like it too. Vote comment and read on my friends.
If your read this book first, I recommend that you read Him first before you read this book. It'll be less confusing.


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It all started with my grandma Caroline. A human who came from an abusive past. My grandpa was an angel named Micah.
He took my grandma away from that life and gave her a new one. Which lead to the birth of my mother.
Korralena Knight.

She's half angel.

I always thought that my mother was beautiful. Even when she gets too protective at times, it's really annoying.
Let me not digress from the story.

When my mother got older, she moved from her home town in New Orleans, and ended in big apple!

New York.

Where she got a job offer to work as my father's fake girlfriend. Sounds silly, I know.

They fell madly in love with one another. Little did my mom know, was that my father was Azrael. The angel of death. Or as others know him, the grim reaper.
When she found out the truth about herself and who my father was she kind of freaked out.
But they worked it out and got married.

Lucifer AKA the Devil, who I think is my grandfather... Im not really sure. He sort of wants me dead. Along with my mother.

My half blood, Uncle Kingston, the incubus king, wants to make me his slave.

Yeah, I have a pretty crazy family.

Once I was born, my parents took me into hiding.
I was given a red cloak that shields me from harm. It also keeps my growing powers in check.

You see, I might be the only person that's can be strong enough to defeat Lucifer.
That's why he wants me dead.

My great uncle Gabriel, the messenger angel, warned my mother that she had to keep me hidden.
But with my father being a Billionaire... well, we kind of draw the spotlight on our family. The media comes to us like moths to a flame!

He also told my mom that she had to bring me up good.

Which was another way of saying, I had to be the perfect child.

The perfect seed.
Like that saying, "You reap what you sow."

That way the man above could guid me to defeat Lucifer. But he is unsure of my path. Sense I'm not like his creations he can't see my future.

No one talks about this, but they'r afraid of what I may become.

I have good and evil inside of me.
It's a constant struggle to hold myself together.

I don't let my pain show.
That's why I always keep my beanie on.
It's a silly name I gave my cloak as a child.

It comforts me.
Everyone thinks that it protects me from harm.
They'r wrong.
It protects me, from me.

(Ok this is the 1st chapter {obviously} but I hope you guys liked this part. I basically just summed up the last book. I just wanted to give you guys the first look.)


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