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"Justin, wake up we have to go." I heard my mom yelled as she was banging on my door. I groaned as I rolled over facing the other way and pulled the blanket up to my nose. The weather was extremely cold lately and that makes me want to be wrapped in this blanket a little bit longer. "We don't have all day, Justin!" my mom said. I opened my eyes and groaned loudly so that my mon could hear and she got the hint that I was awake.

My eyes were sore and swollen from all the crying, obviously. I dropped the pictures on the night stand before I made my way to the bathroom to clean myself up. When I finished doing certain things I walked out my bathroom to my closet. I put on my grey sweater and a black jeans. I grabbed my sunglass then exited the closet. I took my phone from the nightstand along with my babies pictures.

As I made my way down I heard my mom and dad's conversation. Jazzy and Jaxon was staying at Canada.

"There he is." My dad smiled. I gave him a slight nod and continued my way to the front door.

"Let's go."

"Why the sad face, son?" my dad asked

"I'm just tired." I said then got in to my car and they went into theirs. I refused to be in the same car with them because I know they're going back home early and I'll stay longer at the hospital.

Yeah, Ella flatlined 3 times and that sent me over the edge. I broke down basically in front of people but I couldn't be anymore careless. And thanks Jesus he brought her back. She was now doing so much better, and she might be ready to go home in few days. She had to take her anti-depressant 3 times a day or else she'll have a bad day and being extremely grumpy and moody.

It was only 5am in the morning and there're barely cars on the street, so we arrived 15 minutes later. We went straight to Ella's room and as expected she was asleep.

Yeah she insisted that I should go home and get some proper sleep because she said I looked awful when she first woke up. The first time I told her that we lost our babies was heart breaking. She didn't say anything for days until I talked to her that we have so many times to try again. But she refused. She refused to have another kid in a while which I was understand about. This must be really hard for her. Losing her babies and cousin all at the same time.

Logan, speaking of him. He came few days ago, Ella and Logan talked for a while but it was just a stupid and short conversation.

Ella woke up at 7, when she woke up she looked a little bit shock to see my mom and dad. She tried to sit up on her bed but she winced and fell back down, I helped her and rested my hand around her shoulder.

"Hi guys." Ella smiled at them. Mom walked over to her and gave her a hug and followed by dad.

"How are you feeling?" My dad asked

"I'm recovering, I'm a tough girl" she said as she reflexed her hand. My mom laughed

"I'm glad you're getting better." my mom smiled at Ella and she returned one

"Are Jaxon and Jazzy here?"

"No, we left them back in Canada. We're only here for few days then we're heading back to Canada." my dad replied.

"Aw I really want to see them."

"You can always come to Canada with us." My mom offered smiling

"Mom." I warned her while shaking my head.

"No that's a great idea and-"

"No, Ella. You focus on getting better and we'll discuss about this." I stated sternly. She looked down with a frown.

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