Chapter Six :As nice as a Butcher to an animal

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I stand there glancing back and forth between Davien and Trevor. An expression of shock and anger is spread across Davien's face which is a contrast from Trevor's face which has a rather calm yet unfriendly look.

Trevor breaks away from the glance first. "See you later,Veah." He puts up a smile and waves at me while walking back in the direction he appeared from.

As i turn to Davien,his smug expression is long gone and yet again he holds a lifeless blank face.  He walks off towards his locker.I sigh, clueless of their awkward encounter and head towards my locker.

Is there any chance that Davien and Trevor know each other?  Davien was coming out of his shell slowly,why did seeing Trevor bring that blank face back? Hundreds of questions rushed through my mind as i opened my locker.

My eyes dart to a bag placed inside my locker.Did i open someone else's locker? 'You can only unlock your own locker'My subconscious mocked me.I rolled my eyes at her and grabbed the bag, a small blue note attached to it.

"I am sorry {even though you were the one who wasn't looking}.I hope you like this one,Eve ;) " It read. I unzipped the bag and pulled out a HP Spectre x360 laptop. This was exactly the one i planned to buy,how could this guy possibly know this? 

"You got this now? I thought you saw this before lunch." I feel Davien's warm breath fanning near my ear. I turn around,a shiver runs through my whole body at his closeness.His face still holds the guarded look but his green eyes are soft staring right into mine. He waves a hand in front of my hands and my cheeks heat up at the realization that i have been staring at him. 

"This is exactly what i wanted but you didn't have to-"I blurted as i stared at the laptop in admiration. "I had to" He cut me off and silenced me by placing a finger to my lips. "Thank you.This is really nice of you." I say and he smiles at me.That adorable smile which he hides behind his mask.


"I didn't drive this far to find you sleeping in the backseat jerk."I yelled at El and he jumped up.

I had driven up to the departmental store with El to pick essentials for us while mom and dad were away. As i stopped the car and turned around i saw El sleeping in the backseat peacefully hugging to his Macbook to himself.And being the good sister i am i decided to wake him up.

El sits up and rubs his eyes groggily.The moment i step out of the car,he shoves the list in my face.As i scan through the list my eyes dart to a specific part."Sandpaper,A rope,a rigging knife! Are you planning a murder El?" I gaped. He looked over my shoulder to where i pointed on the paper.

"Yeah.Don't tell anyone.Also i need a large bag and a spade to bury the body."He whispered evilly humor visible in his tone.I rolled my eyes at him."No really why do you need these?i am not bailing you out if you do something illegal." I state.

"You are the one driving a car without a license." He simply stated."I have a learner's permit." I argued back.He shakes his head at me and pushed me inside the store.

We walked around the store grabbing the items and shoving them in the cart.We turned a corner to enter the confectionery aisle.I glanced towards El to find the same mysterious grin on his face that was plastered to mine.

I jumped in the cart though i could barely fit in it.El pushed the cart forward.We both  whooped  shoving whatever candy catches our eyes.After my lap was full of all kind of candies,pop tarts,cookies and chocolates,El pushed the cart to another aisle.Suddenly El sped up, i looked behind us and saw a store employee chasing behind us. 

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