Chapter 6

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"Hi Lorence. Gusto mo ako na lang gumawa ng homework mo?" This girl has been following me for the past 2 weeks. And how the heck does she know that I speak tagalog. We're studying in a University in the US and i've never talked filipino here. I'm a freshmen in college now and i've never seen a girl as stubborn as her. Hindi ko na nga siya pinapansin eh.

"Hoy. Lorence! Pansinin mo naman ako. Kanina pa kaya kita kinakausap!"

"What the hell do you want from me? I can do my own shit. So go away"

"See? So naiintindihan mo nga ako? Kunwari ka pa diyang hindi nakaka intindi ng tagalog eh antagal na kaya kitang inistalk"

"Creep" I answered

"Creep na kung creep. Cute naman! Bakit ba kasi hindi mo ako pinapansin? Eh halos lahat ng babae nilalandi mo?! Samantalang ako hindi mo lang matignan!"

"I just don't feel like it. Bakit ba?" But to be honest. The first time I laid eyes on her. It felt different. Thats why I dont want to talk to her. Im afraid to know what that feeling is. But Damn she is very persuasive.

"Sungit naman na nito! Maganda din naman ako eh. Ako na lang Lorence.. Ako na lang ulit"

"What the fuck are you talking about ikaw na lang ulit? I just met you"

"Joke lang. Hehe!"   I rolled my eyes on her. Then started walking away.

"I LIKE YOU A LOT LORENCE PALERMO! AND I CARINA VALDEMAR WILL NEVER STOP UNTIL YOU LIKE ME BACK! REMEMBER THAT!" She shouted. I looked at her in disbelief. She gave me a flying kiss and left.


And that's where everything started. I don't know paano niya ako napapayag to go out with her. Maybe deep down I want it too. We started to go out more and more. She opened up to me. I got to know more about her. She is from Philippines. She just moved here three years ago. She finished high school in Philippines. She dont have her parents anymore. She's just alone. The reason she got here is because of her bestfriend's mom. They brought her here with them when they migrated. Pero nahihiya siya umasa sa kanila kaya nagtrabaho agad siya pagdating dito para makalipat ng titirahan. She worked two different jobs. She saved up so she can afford to go to college. Since she moved out of her bestfriend's house they barely talk until her bestfriend just cut her off permanently. That's why parang mag isa na lang siya.

I felt sorry for her but she was just smiling while talking to me but I can see the sadness in her eyes.. That's the day I fell inlove with her. I promise myself I would never leave her. I stopped being a Casanova for fucks sake. She's the only girl I wanna be with.

And now we both graduated college. She's been with me through ups and downs. We've been together for 3 loving years.

"Congratulations Hun! We made it" She hugged me. I kissed her on her forehead.

"Congratulations hun! So Can I introduce you to my family now?" I asked.

"Eh. I told you I want you to introduce me when I already have my dream job. I want them to think that Im good enough for you lalo na't hindi naman ikaw ang favorite nila. Haha joke!"

"They wouldnt even care honey.. My family will accept you no matter what. Plus you graduated as Magna Cum Laude. What more could they ask for?"

"Eh hun. Please give me this. I'll tell you when Im ready. Please" She pouted.

"Fine. How can I resist with that beautiful face?"

She smiled. It's been 3 years now and I havent even introduce to my family. Everytime I they asked me if I have a girlfriend I always says no because Carina dont wanna get introduced yet and I know my mom. Kukulit at kukulitin talaga niya ako. But ever since we started dating I dont know pero napalayo ang loob ko kina Mama at Papa. But Its not because of Carina. I just realize some things.

"Should we go to the our favorite coffee shop?" I asked.

"OMG Lorence. Ang kuripot ha! Graduation dinner kape? Haha"

"Silly. Haha. No. I just want to go there. I missed it"

"Haha. Im just joking. Let's go! Namiss ko din yun eh" I am excited for this.. But im super nervous.

We already arrived at the coffee shop. This is where we went on our first date.

"Hon. Sarado ata sila. Walang ilaw oh" I smiled. This is all my plan. I took her hand.

"No. Come on lets go inside!"

"Hoy! Sira! Baka makasuhan pa tayong tresspassing!"

"No. Trust me!" I smiled. This is all my plan. I took her hand.

The lights started turned on when we entered..

"I rented the place. Para solo natin!"

"That's so sweet hun!" She hugged me.

"We should eat now. Im starving" I called the waiter. They served us the food that I asked them to prepare.. We started eating and talked about our future plans.

When we're done eating the the orchestra I hired went in and started playing our favorite song.

I kneeled infront of her. Took out the ring. She looks shocked..

"This is the place where I fell in love with you.. And I promised myself I will never leave you.. And now I want to ask you Carina Valdemar, Will You Marry Me?"

She is speechlees.

"Ohmygosh Lorence. Ganito ka ba mag effort para makama ako? Haha"

"No. Damn. What the fuck? I love you!" We've been together for 3 years but we havent slept together because she is saving her purity until marriage. But Damn thats not the reason why i'm proposing. I respect her. The heck. I love her.

"I know. Im just joking! Im just really surprise. Haha"

"So?...." I was waiting for her answer.

"Oh Yes. Haha. Sorry. YES"

"FUCK" I hugged her. I am so fucking happy. Nawala lahat ng kaba sa dibdib ko..

Never did I Imagine that I will be proposing to my once stalker..


I drove her to her apartment after my proposal and we talked about marriage. Napagdesisyunan namin to wait for 2 years bago magpakasal. But hell yeah she already said yes. She's just not my girlfriend now. We are fucking engaged and she is my fiance now.. Soon to be my wife.

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