~ Kathleen's POV ~ 

{next day with Iris & Barry}

Since Barry begged so much, we are now at a place for surgeon convention, for nerdies like Barry. Since it's so cute to see him like that, me and Iris tagged along. It's all going fine, until we heard three gunshots and six men appeared, making the crowd panic.

"How considerate! You're all wearing your finest jewelery... Almost like you knew we were coming to rob you." one of the guys shouted. They made us get in line to give them our belongings. 

Barry tried to do something, for some crazy reason, but I hold his arms, mouthing a no. Unfortunely, a guard stepped out of the line and shouted "Freeze!", which made all of the six guys point their guns at him. "D-Drop your weapons!" he said, however they shot and a second later, the guard dissapeared and also Barry. What the- 

Me and Iris looked around and when I was starting to get nervous, I saw Barry on the floor, unconcious. "BARRY!!" I shouted, trying to wake him. I shaked his shoulders and finally he jerked awake, making me sigh in relief. "For the love of god! You scared me!"

"We thought you were gone." Iris said in a worried tone. "What happened? A-are you okay?" I said, looking at him. "Ye-Yeah, I'm fine. I was trying... to get the plates. I fainted." he said but I saw that he was somehow... lying. Something good has to happen when you were surrounded by a lot of liars. I know when somebody is lying. And well, Iris didn't thought the same. 

Later, Joe and Eddie, the new detective that Iris talked about, appeared. The guard and a witness talked to the cops and I was starting to suspect Barry, where we found him. Lately, he's been busy all the time and always saying that Joe needs him... And all these whispering Barry has with Joe all the time... Something is going on. I'll find out what's it. 

{some hours later}

I tried. But I found nothing. Well, the last place I can go it's STAR Labs, however I think I'm going to find nothing there either. I got in the floor that Barry used to stay when he was in coma and nobody noticed me so I continued to walk around until I heard someone talking. I walk and see this weird scene.

Caitlin and Cisco were talkin with Dr. Wells and the weird thing was that a blur was running really fast in the other room. And the blur was Barry. When he stopped, he was about to say something when he noticed me, making the others look at me. 

I started to way away when Barry was now standing in front of me. "Kat, let me expla-", "There's nothing to explain. You're the guy that was supposed to tell your friends EVERYTHING." I said in a angry tone.

"I'm sorr-" he said and I cut him off. "When you were going to tell everyone? Does Joe know? That's why you guys whisper all the time?" he nodded. "Unbelieva-" I said trying to leave but Barry hold my wrist. "What do you want me to say??" he asked looking at me.

"I DON'T KNOW BARRY. I THOUGHT YOU WERE DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS. BUT WHAT IF YOU GET HURT? I'LL NOT KNOW HOW TO HELP YOU!" I snapped. "Let me go!" I said and he stopped holding me with windened eyes. I walked away from the building, feeling him look at me.

{the same day, at night time}

I was now watching The Notebook on my bedroom with Iris. I wasn't even paying attention to the movie nor Iris sobs next to me. Barry was ocuppying my thoughts. How could he... and the knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. "Come in Joe." I said and Iris started to clean her face in the bathroom, and "for my surprise" was Barry.

"Iris, can I talk with Kat alone?" he said and Iris nodded, leaving the room. I put my headphones and started to scroll through tumblr in my phone.

"Kat, please talk to me. I'm sorry...." he said but I ignored him, still looking to my phone. "What can I do to make you forgive me?!" he snapped. However I still ignored.

"You shouldn't have kept that from me. From Iris." I said and he was almost relieved when I continued "If I was talking to you, that's what I'd say to you." 

Fine, I wasn't that angry with him anymore, but I like to him all desperate for me. He looks so cute and adorable so I can't stay mad at him foreve- Wait, what? 

"Please Kat, forgive me!" he said and I throw my phone to my left, now looking at him.

"Only if you never keep secrets from me again." I said and he nodded "Promise?"

"I promise." he said in a desperate tone but with a adorable reaction.

"You're forgiven." when I said that he jumped on me, hugging me. "B...Barry...air..."

No we were looking at each other, with a tiny little inches way from us, and he was still on top of me. His eyes flickered to my eyes to my lips for a second. When he was leaning in he said:

"Do you wanna see what I can do?" he said and I frowned. What a good way to interrupt a excelent moment Allen. What did I just said to myself? 

"O-Okay..." I said and the last thing I saw was my hair against the wind and I was holding into Barry's neck and he holding my legs. 



I'm not certain if I'm going to post something tomorrow, cause it's gonna be christmas eve and I want to spend time with my family. But I'll let you guys know tomorrow.

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