Prompt One Winners

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Hey Darklings! Thank you everyone who participated in our first prompt! Here are the top entries for the prompt: Write a (up to) 300-word comment of a short Dark Fantasy story. This is an open prompt so don't hesitate on the creativity.


Screaming on the floor, her body writhes in agony. 

I sigh angrily and stand, towering over everyone. Now all eyes lands on my manly features and I fold my arms, hiding any doubt I have behind a hard glare.

Her eyes meet mine, filled with tears of desperation. Amongst her deafening wails, she begs, "please!"

She wants to cry again, but cannot as an immense wave of pain swims throughout her weak body. The scream that escapes her throat is hoarse, and I feel it as though a grater slides past my own esophagus. 

Usually, I do not witness this experience of sorrow, but with her teary stare drilling into mine, I cannot help but bellow, "stop!"

Immediately, the green goblins release Erelah, pulling away from her soft features as if it were suddenly deadly poison. The short abominations sag their heads down in total surrender as I approach the scene.

"Scatter," I order and they all dash out of the place; their invisible chains screaming notes of freedom.

Stooping down causes her to cower away even more. I reach my hands out, grazing my fingernails along her white angelic feathers. Erelah freezes as I pet the fluffy area, slowly going down.

Then, I snap my lengthening gaze away from the bloodied base of her straggly wings and grab her chin up forcefully.

Golden hair sticks allover her glowing face, by sweat and blood. Her lips quiver, matching the rapid fluttering of her eyelashes as her cerulean pupils attempt to adjust to the sight of my ruthlessness.

"What do you want?"With my free hand, I violently grasp onto her magical wings and ferociously tug so harsh that she squeals aloud. More ruby paints the canvas of her smooth back.

Then, I gently pet her sore wings, "these, my angel."


Nil stumbled in the shabby building through the stained doorframe. Her arm brushed against the sagging green door. Its layer of paint peeling off the warped wood. Small white flecks of snow blew into the cabin from behind her. She placed a shaking hand against the doorframe to keep herself upright. 

She took a tentative step into the cabin. A hiss escaped from her lips as her leg throbbed with pain. Nil looked down at her leg, an arrow sticking out of her amber flesh. The wound oozed scarlet blood, more blood than she had seen in her life, more than when she had her first blood and became a woman. It would only be a matter of time before all the blood ran from her body as her dead corpse laid on the ground. 

She didn't want to die here. She wouldn't let herself die here. Not now. Not when she needs to save her older sister from the deranged Huntsman who attacked them.  

She scanned the one-roomed cabin for anything that could be used as a weapon. She found nothing. It was empty, just as she had left it earlier this morning when she went hunting for the white rabbits that hide among the snow. 

A sob escaped her lips. How could she help her sister if she can't find anything to use? Her fingers brushed against a loose board along the floor. She shoved her hands under it and pried it upwards with a grunt. She tore the wood away with her hands. 

Nil whipped around as she heard a creak behind her. Her sister smiled and said, " It's okay Nil, you don't have to struggle."

Nil stared at her sister in horror as she stabbed her in the gut.

Congratulations, and once again thank you everyone for participating! Prompt two has been in the next chapter, be sure not to miss out!

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