steven meeks

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You two have been dating for quite a while now. Did any of the dead poets know? No.

You thought that they wouldn't approve which Meeks had told you plenty of times that they would.

But one day you two were having a very heated make out sesh. You were sat on top of him. Kissing with your hands in his hair, his hands were all over the place. First they were resting on your hips then to your waist.

You moan lightly when he squeezed your thighs. ( You were still in your school clothes so he had open access to your thighs and up).

Opening your mouth, he pushed his tongue in fighting for dominance. You slowly grind on top of him. He groans and grabs your hips pulling you closer.

His lips leave yours and start to kiss down your neck. You lean back with your eyes closed moaning quietly so you won't get caught, "steven" you moan lowly His lips attach to yours again.

" Hey Meeks do you have the- " you two were to busy with your lust you didn't notice Pitts walking into the room. Where one went the rest went to.

" What the hells going on in here? " you hear Charlie yell out. You two pull away and you hop off Meeks lap onto the bed with a blush. And I'm not talking a " light-pink-kind-of-blush " I'm talking about " beet-red-blush".

" How long has this been going on? " Neil questioned the rest walking into the room sitting different places.

" for a while " Meeks says looking down messing with your fingers

" How long " Charlie says coming closer to the bed from his spot at the desk.

" Since school started " you said ashamed.

" WHAT! " The group yells out

" And you didn't tell us? What were you so worried about? " Knox says astonished. You looked at Meeks and he holds your hand kissing it softly, you smile at his actions.

" We- I was worried you guys wouldn't approve. That you would think it was silly and you would get mad or something " you said looking at all of them then out the window.

They all looked at you with confusion and sadness. " Of course we would approve, I think you guys are cute together. I always have, I've been shipping you guys since day 1 " Neil says coming over to you to give you a hug.

You and Neil had a brother and sister kind of relationship. He was there for all your problems, a shoulder to cry on. So he was hurt you never told him out of all people about your relationship with Meeks.

" Im sorry Neil, and I'm sorry guys for not telling you sooner " you said when you pulled away from the hug and Meeks pulled you back onto his lap hugging you from behind and placing a kiss on the side of your head.

Happy, you could finally be free and not in hiding

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