The Avengers Chat Room

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----{AN}---- so every Thursday (thorsday ;) I think I'm going to do these avengers chats. The idea of the chats aren't mine, but the content is. It's just a test, and depending on the feedback I get, I'll do more, or stop it. Enjoy!

*i made the cover myself, just not the picture behind the texts... I don't own any of these characters, credit goes to marvel*

Avengers chat day #1

-*Tony Stark has logged on*

6:01 pm

Tony- so who even organized this chat room anyway? I have other things to do.

*Steve Rodgers has logged on*

6:12 pm

Steve- yeah, right. Like make google eyes at your computer? Eh... No pun intended

Tony- first off, it's just a really very intelligent system. Second of all, how were you even able to turn on the Mac, cap? Man of the present now, are we?

Steve- ...I had Fury do it for me... And I will always live in the past.

Tony- obviously 0_o

Steve- what's zero dash o mean?

Tony- facepalm

*Loki Lauf-Odinson has logged on* 6:15 pm

Loki- son of Howard, why would you take a palm to the face?

Tony- Loki!? Why the h*ll do you have an account? Didn't we just defeat you?

Loki- You mortals are so petty. And tiny.

*Thor Odinson has logged on*


Loki- for the love of Laufy... Actually, I do not believe he gives love... For the love of Odin, I am not your brother Thor!

*Clint Barton has logged on*

6:18 pm

Clint- sup guys? This new chatroom is 2 cool.

Steve- we're allowed 2 talk like tht?

Tony- everyone except you Steve.

Steve- wht? Y?

Tony- ...

Tony- whats up Robin Hood?

Clint- oh you know... Me... In my nest of glory.. CAW CAW MOTHER-*this had to be censored for the safety of your eyes*

*the widowing one has logged on*

The widow- guys, I don't trust this chat room. People could be reading this right now.

Tony- aww c'mon Tasha! It's not like they would read anything interesting,

If they could read anything at all... "Ooh look! Steve gets confounded by simple software once again!" ._.

*The widowing one has changed her username to Natasha Romanoff.*

Natasha- fine. Better?

Clint- everything is better when you're around. ^u^

Loki- I think I'm going to throw up in my mouth. Then release my juices over thor... Because we are sitting right next to each other...

Clint- oh my god, why do you show up EVERYWHERE?

Loki- ill never tell... Ehehe

Steve- why are you and Thor in the same Area? It defeats the purpose of a chat room.