you know what it meant to love her, and you remind us so much of her

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okay okay okay maybe MAYBE i like characters that are partly animals. LEMME EXPLAIN. now catra isn't my FAVORITE character but i do love her more than a majority of the characters, y'all remember pluto from black butler? precious baby doggo. janus from freaking sanders sides? beautiful snake boy. mayhaps i have a type :))

okay but that's not nearly as bad as my friend's, she has a crush on anime boys that like to murder people and have like no morality, so mine isn't so bad :)

i was watching unus annus videos and holy crap they really jinxed corona man. remember when they were talking about the black plague? THIS WAS IN JANUARY HOW DARE YOU

also my professor wants us to interview people in the career we want to go into. my big problem is that idk what i want to do. like maybe film production but where, ya know? who would i even go to? maybe i could interview like youtubers but really? how could i get in contact with anyone?? so i'm like ahhhh

i really enjoy writing and i realized that i've actually grown in my writing like how? i barely realized anything was happening man, that's crazy. idk how good my writing is or what i like specifically but i really like fake realities.

so i wanted to see how long it would take to watch all of sanders sides and omigosh, season 1 is about 2 1/2 hours and season 2 so far is about 5 1/2 hours, IMAGINE HOW MUCH LONGER IT WILL BE WHEN SEASON 2 IS OVER

oh goodness i felt so proud yesterday. i was watching some unus annus when she got home and she noticed mark and noted that i hadn't watched him in a while. (he used to be like the only face in my feed like 3 years ago) and the happiness i felt that she had noticed or even remembered :)) then i explained to her why and she was genuinely laughing at the video i was shocked. see with my mom, she forces herself to not laugh at anything i watch bc she hates youtube. (i literally tell her the jokes without context as to who said it or where i got it from and she laughs so :)) but she actually laughed at the videos and i felt very happy to share that with her :))

that's it ig, love ya, buh bye!

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