chapter three

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((Tjink I'm just gonna
write the story
normally without
The pov bits))

Jj smiled as the girl snuggles into her she reached down feeling the girls diaper feeling it dry. The girl looks up at her with a smile "hi monkey" she said as Y/N snuggled up closer. About half an hour later JJsnphone rand she answered it smiling "Hey Em yea I can get that done for you" she says smiling down at the girl in her lap who was still fixated on the tv. JJ soon hung up the phone with a smile she looked down at Y/N getting up "baby mommy's just gonna send off an email stay here okay" she said sternly Y/N nods and JJ walk to her office starting the email.

Y/N sat watching tv for another 5 minutes before getting bored she looks around getting off the couch walking around she walks around exploring walking into the bathroom on the ground floor. She walked over to the shower that was in that room picking up the shower gel that was there she gentley squeezed it into her hands giggling as the gel like substance fills her hand she squeezed it again this time onto the floor of the bathroom giggling as she mixed it with her feet. She soon had emptied the bottle all over the floor she giggled drawing in the soap grabbing a fresh bottle. Soon there was shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and shaving foam all over the floor the girl was also covered as she played in the mess. Suddley the hairs on the back of her neck stood up as she heared a cough from behing her. She turned around to see her mommy standing in the doorway arms crossed across her chest staring at the girl "you are in troble missy," JJ says as she walks over to the girl Y/N gulped she knew she was in for it.

JJ picked the girl up "you are covered" she sighed placing the girl in the shower she stripped the girl naked and turned the shower on "wash" she snapped. Y/N cried a little washing yourself "I dont wanna hear it" JJ says as she goes and grabs a mop cleaning up the mess on the floor. Once she was done she turned the shower off and wrapped Y/N in a towel carrying her upstairs and into her nursery she dried the girl off and sat on the rocking chair placing her girl over her leg "Y/N I want you to count 5 hits" she says as she started to smack the girl "1...2...3" the girl counted as she cried "4...5" by the time 5 was over she was crying loudly. Jj sat the girl up hugging her to her chest "tell mommy why your in trouble" she asked the girl "cause I made mess" the girl said. JJ nods as the girl cries into her "say sorry" JJ says "sorry.." Y/N says with a sniff. JJ kissed her softly on the head and lays her on the changing table putting her in a fresh diaper and onesie. Once the girl was dressed JJ picked her up and carried her to her room laying her on the bed as she got dressed into some pjs "movie then sleep" JJ says smiling as she put on Frozen 2 on and climed into bed snuggling with the girl

((Do you guys want the other
Crimanal minds people to be
In this as friends and stuff if
Yes do you want all if no which
Ones do you want in btw iv only
Seen a few seasons so dont know
All the people in it))

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