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Uhmm Hi!

I agree with shai, I believe that we should not decide what we can do or what we can't unless we give it a try.

Not gonna lie, I was afraid of creative writing, I never tried to make my own story. I was never confident in whatever I wrote. But a friend of mine, whome I admire, Imari, helped me and inspired me to write. According to her, there's a piece of ourselves in our writings and art so we should never downgrade them.

After almost a year of reading novels, it occurred to me that I should write a story that I want to read, a cute love story with a high school set up and superpowers involved.
I was actually writing a short story for Imari's magazine, 'The hope_magazine' but after writing a few thousand words, I just felt like writing it more. So I did, under no pressure just me and my unleashed thoughts.

I had written up to 15 thousand words and it felt so exhilarating, thinking about what turn should my story take now. I could control my protagonists and take the story wherever I wanted. I sent those chapters to my friends I couldn't believe that I was actually writing a novel. Their reactions to the story were really pleasant. They were hooked and kept asking for more. It made me jubilant to realize that what I'm writing is not only a story I'm enjoying writing but my friends are also liking it. Then my twin sister installed Wattpad on my phone and guided me to publish my story here, and that's how I started writing on Wattpad.

What I want to say is,

Keep exploring yourself, there's so much to you that is not discovered to yourself yet. You are a wonder, and you should never degrade yourself or your talents. Always give yourself a chance to grow into a better version of yourself. Life is a continuation of ups and downs but it helps you gain experience and do better. So never give up!!

Lots of love❤❤❤❤❤

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