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Well... Honestly?

I don't know when I started writing but I remember being obsessed with writing A B C D on the walls with crayons and how my mom used to pull my ear at that. Then I used to have this crazy obsession with writing in 'secret diaries'. I never knew what to write, I just used to scribble and complain about random stuff...

Then, one day my father got me a diary with a lock. I used to try my best to hide the key so that my lil pest (brother) could never find it. And maybe this was when I started writing... Copying thoughts, film dialogues and whatnot.

But I used to always write about my birthday - how it was spent, who wished me, did my crush wish me or was he shying away...

And when I was fourteen, I remember planning a dream house which consisted of an architect level map, 12 rooms, a room for me to paint with white attire on, a balcony where I could feel the splashes of rain on my face, a garden with roses and a black Horse to take me shopping.


I know...

But I always felt as if I had a unique thinking and sometimes I used to write them and used to make so much sense. And mostly my main aim was to write about feelings - those odd, weird feeling ; when you boarded a flight or your first day at school or getting up in front of the entire school to give a speech on why you should be the captain of the school or just looking blankly at a painting and thinking what the painter must be thinking while crafting it... Just anything.

It was boosting and I used to get this odd pleasure from it.

And then I joined Wattpad and after reading for about an year I wanted to create something of my own. And that's how it all began...

And one thing which always happened when I used to write was that my hand had a mind of its own. Even if I had planned a few good sentences to be inserted at those specific places... Those things never hit me while I was under that spell of writing. There used to be something different, good different happening and I used to seize it, telling myself that it was the voice of my heart.

So my tip/advice would be to


Let yourself be free of any other thing

And just write your mind

It doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense, or it doesn't feel right...

But at least you are being honest to yourself.

You are seizing what your heart is saying...

And that's enough

"I never know what I am thinking, exactly until I pen down my thoughts."

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