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Hello guys?
What's up!
Hope you all are mind blowing and fantastic!

Ready to make some new Friends?

We we are officially announcing the Chat Room.

To enjoy and make friends.
Sharing facts and news
To giving advices on writing.
Everything is here!!

And even we admins


And Shai_003 are here for you guys!

Whichever advice or opinion we find is helpful for the fellow aspiring writers, we'd make a chapter and give credit to you.

You can share how you started writing?
Which was that turning point?
What gives you inspiration?
You say...

This place is basically made to have fun and learn at the same time.

We hope you guys like the idea about it because we haven't personally seen anything of this sort in any other community.

And also if you want any help just comment so that we admins can get a chance to be at your service.

So what are you waiting for?
Start spamming!!
Comment down you favourite advise you have given/received.

And tag as many people you think will enjoy this stuff! ❤

And don't forget, we do talk about celebrities too...

So which is your favorite celebrity?


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