Chapter 1: For Starters

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Kelly's POV

"Kelly get your ass out of bed! It's time for school!" My older sister, Carly, screamed outside my room.

"I'm awake carls! You can shut the fuck up now!" I yelled back.

"Okay Kay, now go to the bathroom and take your freaking long shower before going to school! Maybe you have no plans on taking a bath!" She exclaimed while knocking on my door.

" I said I was already fucking up Carly! So keep it shut! And don't you dare go inside my fortress! My babies are going to knock ypur head out." I said warning her. My baby puddle, Sponge, and pomeranian, Peanuts, don't really like visitors this early.

"Okay Kay what ever that little brains of your san process. If theres any. Just this time don't take too long on the shower the ground might swallow you alive. And yeah breakfast os ready in the dinning room, mee'cha there okay. " She said as she went downstairs chuckling.

I didn't answer her I just silently got out of bed and took my IPod on the side table and plugged it in my IHome speakers. This has been my daily routine every morning for like the past 6 years. I love hearing my own choices of music every morning to start of my day. And well if you hear your favorites in the morning it'll shake you awake right? I don't know abput you weirdos but that really woks for me. As I enter the bathroom my IPod blasted its tunes and started my day with the song 'what does the fox say' Oh God this is my freaking jam! While taking my shower I'm like a retarded seal clapping, dancing and singing at the same time. This is just the best way to start off a day!

After a 20minute shower I went in my oh so always fabulous closet room. Where the magic happens. My closet was a huge room containing all the girly things I need. Considering I sometimes dress like a tomboy. In the insides I am as girly as shit. This is my favorite part of the room. I have all the clothes I want and need all the shoes any girl would die for any accessories a lady would buy. I've got it all here.

But even though I have these luxurious fashionable clothes to wear, In school I always dress like homeless. Well, over acting much but I dress casually. Just skirt and a shirt will do. So today I just put on a simple white skirt just above the knee level and a black V-neck fitted shirt and matched it with black doll shoes and tied my ash blonde hain into a ponytail. I've putted some light make up on just face powder mascara on my long eye lashes and a pure red lipstick on my lips which perfectly fitted my pearl-like skin tone.

Today is my first day of being a senior student. This'll be fun-tastic, because I won't be the one who'll be in the sidelines because not we are the seniors almighty and what we say shall be done. Well I've never experienced being bullied until last year. I was bullied by my own bestfriends, wait, ex bestfriends, ugh long story I'll tell you guys when I feel it coz it's too early in the morning to be stressed. So as for what I was saying earlier, this year will be great I can feel it already.

After 40minutes of preparation for school I headed downstairs and went to the dinning room where I found Carly talking on the phone. I guess it's her boyfriend Matthew, they've been dating for soo long. They started when I was like 14yrs old and now I'm almost turning 18. I can see that what they have is genuine and true I am happy for them.

Carly is now 24 years old, and has already owned her own business. She graduated with a great degree in Business Management and is now tge CEO of SteffansCorp. She wanted to make living by her own when she was still starting she needed money to start off the business so mom and dad helped her, then afterwards she ran it all by herself. I envy her for being independent.

Money was never a problem to us. I'm not bragging but we're richer than the celebreties you see on your televisions because mom, Daisy Steffans, was a well known fashion designer here in New York while dad, Reynald Staffans was a well known architect. So if money was needed it won't be a problem.

When Carly saw me coming in the dinning room I heared her bid her goodbyes to the person she was talking to. And immediately stared at me like a psycho. I hate it when she does that. It always makes me curious what she's thinking and she knows it.

So I just sat down across her and started pouring cereal and milk in my bowl then started eating classes starts at 7am its 6:15am already and it's a 15minute drive.

"You do know we have monbey right?" She said out of the blue.

"Yes, why?"

"Because you look like you just came out from the toilet with that clothes you're wearing."

"You so mean it's so freaking early in the morning I'll deal with you later." I said with a pointed look.

"Well if that's the case I'll push my luck. You're a disgrace to mom. She' like one of the most famous fashion designers out there and you're wearing a rag."

"Well because not all the time we have to look fabulous. It's just school you know." I said while chewing my breakfast.

"School is the place where you can push people down because you know they have nothing. Ot's the place when you have the upper hand, it's the place where you can brag things you have. It's the place where you can be on top. Idid all of those when I was still on high school, no one hated me or disliked me because even though I do those such thing I am still somewhat nice to them. And I let everyone come to my weekend parties." She explained.

Oh yeah, Carly was like the queen bee of the school when she was still on it. She was always the talk of the town because Carly is like an angel sent from above her face made to perfection, she has long blonde hair, a perfect nose, pouty pinkish lips, has a sexy body and she was also tall, she got the high from dad while I got mine from mom. Which was totally opposite. Even though time has already passed she just grew up to be a better and more gorgeous version of herself.

From the past months I've heared that alot of companies abput modeling is trying desperately to have her. But she always declines because she told me it's to punk rock for her, I personally don't understand her logic but she just always say that it's not her thing.

Carly was a hard woking person because he's not that bright, I, on the other hand is as bright as Einstein and everyone knows it, as in EVERYONE. The only problem was I was as lazy as shit. Carly takes her job seriosuly, but when the night comes she transforms into a party animal just like in her student years, just partying all night. I don't know how she can handle that kind of lifestyle but she looks okay with all of it so. I don't know.

"I know your past in being the queen bee Carly, but I don't like having too much attention. I hate people stalking me, talking about me, gossiping, worshiping me and stuff." She was about to butt in to the last part but I immediately ended my thoughts.

"I'm just being practical you know. It's like your last year of high school, and I can feel that your gear is going to be as fun as my la year on high school."

"I wish." I wispered.

"I heared that Kay, well you better head out you're gonna be late."

"Oh yeah, right thanks. Bye."

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