Wish granted but at a price.

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Once izuku had a second to breath he had calm down a little, but he was still feeling that massive dark aura all around him. He had also still hadn't fully processed the fact that he was standing in the middle of a  villain's lair, and a second later all for one spoke.

AFO: now then izuku allow me to introduce you, this is my successor tomura shigaraki and the mist mad that just left was kurogiri.

Tomura: master what do you plan on doing with him?

AFO: you'll see soon enough my boy for now let me have a moment with him, now izuku follow me.

Izuku did as he said had and began to follow, has he walked pass Shigaraki he noted him staring with hatred and disgust his eyes. After he was out of sight he was lead to a room with dozens of monitors and what look like a chair with many tubes connected to it. Once they were inside all for one took a seat in that same chair then spoke.

AFO: please have a seat..

Izuku: ...[sat down]

AFO: good now then before we down to business why don't we take a moment discuss a few things, I would like to know more about this gift to you spoke of earlier.

Izuku: w-well i can't really explain it..for a while I thought it may have been some kind of lie detector quirk, but that wasn't the case... afterwards I thought that maybe I was just imagining it that was untill.. A certain incident.

AFO: And what would that have been?

Izuku: I-It was the day i overheard my dad telling my sister the secret o-of his quirk.. and h-he said that i didn't have what it took to be a hero.

After that for one saw the sadness in his eyes and thought to himself " i can definitely use this to my advantage".

AFO: So the so called symbol of peace said that about his own son, i guess that was when you discovered your gift was real because you could tell he meant it am I right?

Izuku: [nods head]

AFO: your father never believed in you, your mother turned her back on you, and your sister and her friends bully you to such extremes all for wanting to be a hero. What a sad and pitiful life you've lived and I'm a assuming that for so long you felt like you were nothing, that you didn't have a purpose in this world and all because you didn't have a quirk.

Izuku stared at the man in shock, everything he was saying was true it feel like he was without a purpose, all he ever wanted was to feel like he mattered and for someone to believe in him but no one could ever give that to him. He was about to ask something but before he could he heard that voice again calling to him,"come to me". And once again felt it's awful aura, he soon shivered with fear and tried to block out the sound by putting his hands over his ears. This made all of one confused but also curious.

AFO: what seems to be troubling you young izuku.

Izuku:I-I hear a-a voice it's calling me a-and i can feel something dark all around t-this place...

All for one seems confused for a moment but he soon realized that this boy was talking about, somehow he was able to feel it, the secret that he and his League of villains have been hiding quite a few years. He wasn't certain about it but decided to roll the dice and see if he was correct, he soon got up from his chair and proceeded go into another hidden room.

AFO: come with me young izuku there's something I want to show you.

Izuku proceeded to follow him as he did noticed that the ominous dark aura that he had been feeling all this time getting closer, as if this villain was leading him to the source of that evil presents and he was horrified of what was waiting for him. He took his time walking to the next room but eventually walk inside and what he saw shocked him to his very core. The room itself was massive and it was empty except for one Mastiff object in the middle of it, there was a giant massive container almost 8 feet tall and 7 feet wide. But what terrified him was what was inside, it was black, black energy so black that it could make be visible in a dark alley. Izuku knew than and there that this was it, this was the source of that dark presence that he's been feeling ever since he got here.

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