Chapter Nine; Addictions

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“Beck! Beck!”

I grunted and turned over so that my face was buried in a pillow.

“Beck! Oh my gosh Becky, wake up!”

“No.” I muttered into the pillow, trying to drown out the voice.

I winced when a suspiciously fluffy item began beating me in the back. “Wake. Up. Now. Beck!”

I groaned but turned over, squinting. Emery loomed over me, still beating me with the puffy gray pillow. He saw I was awake and beamed brightly.

“Good morning, sexual.” He said with a wide smile. He held out my cell phone for me. “What a good day it is when you wake up to Junior Doctor.” He said, way to peppy. I chuckled and grabbed my phone from him.


“Beck, baby, did you forget what today is?” My mother’s soprano voice rang through the phone. I rubbed my eyes. Emery mouthed something to me but I couldn’t tell what it was. I rolled my eyes.


“No, Beck.” I could hear the frown in her whiny voice.

“Um… I don’t know. What’s in November?” I asked dragging out the “r” as realization hit me. I bolted up.

“Happy Birthday, mom!” I exclaimed. She chuckled. I switched hands with the phone and grabbed Emery, forcing him down on the comforter.

“And what do we do on one of our birthdays?” She asked as Emery thrashed under my hand. I forced him down a little more. He squeaked.

“Go out to breakfast!” I answered, grinning. Emery was hitting me with his small hands and trying to beat me with his feet.

“So should I pick you up in about twenty minutes or are you going to blow me off?” She whined. I chuckled.

“Yeah, that’s fine. Bye, Mom.” I said as I hung up. I threw my phone on the loveseat as Emery played dead. I got over top of him, sitting on his hips. I forced him to turn around and look at me. He had his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth. His eyes were rolled back into his head. I grabbed his arms and pinned them behind his head.

“You’re going to have to pay for waking me up.” I whispered leaning down to whisper in his ear. His eyes snapped open and he put his tongue in his mouth. He shook his head vigorously. I nodded and pulled back, gathering spit in my mouth. I could think of much better punishment I’d rather be doing right now.

I loomed over him as he thrashed and dangled spit above him.

“No! No, Beck! Please?” He begged. I considered it, and then gathered my spit back in my mouth.

“Alright, I’ll let you go for now. But watch out, you owe me.” I said winking. I rolled off him and walked to his window by his love seat. I cracked it and spit out. I looked back to see him shiver. “Gross.”

I laughed at his response and smoothed my hair back. “Would you rather it in your hair?”

He pulled back in disgust. “No!” I laughed and eventually he joined in. I began to gather everything in my bag, humming as I did. Emery crossed his legs Indian style.

“What do you and your mom do when it’s her birthday?” He asked, rocking back and forth. I ran a hand through my hair in an attempt to comb it.

“We go out for breakfast and just… hang out.” I said with a smile. He grinned and leaned on his hand.

“That’s sweet.”

“Thanks.” I said as my phone beeped. “My mom’s in the driveway.” I grabbed my stuff and walked to the door. I looked back at Emery.

“Well, are you coming?” I asked with a smile. He beamed and jumped up to follow me. We walked to the door together and I called over my shoulder, “Thank you, Miss. Carter!”

Before we could go out the door, Eevie was running out from the kitchen with a pan in one hand and a spatula in the other. Her hair was sticking up and she was wearing baggy pants. She was still strikingly gorgeous though, she even looked like she could be there sister.

“You’re leaving, dear?”

I nodded and gave her a grin. “Today’s my mom’s birthday.” I explained. She made an “o” with her mouth and smiled back.

“Well, tell her I said Happy Birthday, love. You’re welcome back anytime.” She said walking over to Emery. She banged him on the head with her spatula causing him to clutch his head in pain. “He’s the best friend you have. You better invite him back.”

“Ow!” He whined as he pouted. He reached over and punched his mother hard on the shoulder. She raised her spatula as if daring him to try again. They both began to laugh and I couldn’t help but smile. She looked to me and bonked me on the head, lighter than Emery.

“I hope you have fun. Come by soon, you hear?” She said. I nodded and waved as I opened the door to see my mother’s old car. Eevie returned to the kitchen, calling bye over her shoulder. Emery walked out onto the porch with me and waved goodbye, hugging himself in the cold fall air. I rubbed his pitch black hair and strode to the car. I opened the passenger seat and saw my mother’s smiling face behind the wheel. “Hi, mom.”

She smiled. “Nice hair. Is that Emery up there?” She asked pointing. I looked up as I buckled my seat belt to see Emery waving goodbye in his boxers. No wonder he was cold! I nodded and closed the car door.

“Should we ask him if he wants to come with us? I mean, he’s put up with you for a weekend.”

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. “Its fine, mom.” I tapped my chin. “Can he come over this weekend though, if he’s not busy?”

She considered it as we backed out of the drive. “Sure.”

I smiled and looked back to see Emery still waving in the cold. I had to shake my head and chuckle. My mom looked at me from the corner of her eye.

“He seems sweet.”

I looked at her, than back out the window. “He really is something else.” I agreed. She shook her head with a laugh.

“He acts different from the people you usually hang out with.”

I nodded and leaned on the window, lost in thoughts of his eyes.”It’s because he is different. But who wants to be normal right?”

 My mother chuckled. “You sound different to. I tried to teach you that years ago, you’ve always been so hardheaded and stubborn. I think this boy will be good for you.” She concluded. I didn’t speak. I didn’t know what to say. I think he’ll be good for me to.

  After a few moments of silence, I spoke up at a stop light.

“Where are we going anyway?” I asked. She shrugged.

“I heard there’s an IHOP near here.” She said. I looked down realizing, she was still in her pajamas just like me. I smirked. Like mother like son. Or something…

We pulled into the IHOP and rolled around for a parking space. I sighed, getting out of the car.

For the first time, I didn’t want to be here.

I wanted to be back with Emery.

For now, I feel empty and alone.

What can I say? It’s an addiction.


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Quick update, I just wanted to get this up soon! :) I'm very excited for when they ACTUALLY get together...

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