eleven: mudblood

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All characters belong to J.K Rowling. Harry Potter does not belong to me.  Sorry for the late update once again.
I was really stuck on the plot . I'll try to do better next time . Enjoy Chapter 11!

Draco and Ginny sat in Draco's prefect room , talking.They were so busy they didn't hear Ron shout Ginny's name or walk up to Draco's room and bang on the door , nor did they hear the door open.
Ginny and Draco's heads snapped to the door where a fuming Ron Weasely stood . "Weasley ." Draco sneered ." Can't you see we're busy ?"
"Busy my -"
"Ronald ! Did you find Ginny ?" Hermione looked to the couple .
"Oh . She's with you ." She said with a hint of disgust in her voice , obviously directed at the blonde boy. " Yes , mudblood.  With me . I am her boyfriend ." His mouth turned into a cruel smile . Hermione gasped.
Ginny stood up , eyes ablazing , and turned to her boyfriend . "She's my friend ! How dare you call her that ?! I thought you had changed but clearly not !" Ginny shouted .  Draco's eyes visibly widened . "Gin, listen ..." he started . "No ! Don't 'Gin' me ! You know what ? Maybe we should take a break , Draco ! I think it would give you time to clear your head of this pureblood supremacy !" She stormed out and Draco ran out , leaving a smiling Ron and a smirking Hermione .

Draco rushed after Ginny , not wanting to take a break . " Gin, wait! Please !" Ginny heard the raw pain in his words . But not as much pain as he's caused to Hermione and my friends a nagging voice said in the back of her head . No , she would not let him off easily his time . He took her arm and spun her around and placed his arms firmly around her waist . She hit his chest and trying to get out of his grip but he was much too strong . He held her hands to stop her from hitting him . "Look at me , Gin." She slowly looked up into his silver orbs . She melted in his gaze and her resistance wavered . "Listen , I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that to Granger . She is your friend and .."
She wasn't listening to him and was instead staring at his beautiful eyes.
"And I love you and I don't want to lose you , Gin . I .." Oh God . Look at those kissable lips , she thought .
"So I hope you can find it in you to forgive me because ..." he was cut off when Ginny kissed him.He reluctantly pulled away . "So does this mean you forgive me ?" He looked hopeful ."Not yet ," his face fell ," But we don't have to go on a break and I will still be your girlfriend ." He lightened at that . "Oh thank you , thank you , thank you ! " He spun her around and she giggled .
"I love you , Draco ."
I love you more , Gin ."

"Ugh!  How could they still be together after  that ?! " Pansy cried .
"Not  to worry , Parkinson . I have plenty of things up my sleeve ." Her mysterious boss said .
"Like what ?" She enquired . The girl before her only tapped her nose knowingly . "Collin !" He appeared in a flash . "Yes , Boss ."
"Intiate Plan B. We'll see if they'll still be together after that."

Stay with me , guys ! It'll get more interesting . I have one big plot twist in mind . I don't really know if it's predictable but I've been leaving clues in my chapters . Toodles !

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