The Picture 2

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I stood in front of my mirror checking the T-string i just bought . " Why don't you try the black one Lana ? " Sabrina said with her flashy smile , showing her set of white shining teeth . " Hmm . You think i'll look cute ? "
" Of course second young mistress  . " She sat on the sofa sipping out of my coffee . She's more like my best friend .
" I told you Sab...."
" Oh ! pardon my manners i'm used to it ." she chuckled
" You know how we are . "

I looked at the mirror again smiling but didn't reach my eyes.  Some part was missing . Sabrina didn't miss the look in my eyes when I held one of my birthday card .
  " What's wrong Lana ? "
  " Nothing . " I sniffed in every bit of tears that welled up in my eyes . If I didn't , my downpour would be bad . I walked over to my sphere peach table and sat on it . I just felt incomplete and I knew what was missing .
  " There has to be something.  You were all happy and cheerful a second ago but look at you , your eyes are red .  you're so easy to read . "
  " Well....i just miss them ... m-my parents . They're not usually not like this . When they travel for a week , month even over lapse . They call , text and even send messengers but now its nothing . a-are they leaving us ? did them abandon us ? " I couldn't hold back the tears that welled up in my eyes anymore . Sabrina pulled me in for a hug. My tears fell on her shoulder . I began crying so hard , it was difficult to stop . I rubbed my temples . Yea , are they leaving us? so they didn't love us ? were they pretending? was the meeting an excuse to flee? its been two weeks now and nothing . Absolutely nothing . All these questions rang in my head. Sab laid me to bed and brought my comforter to my body.

' Ding dong ' the bell rang . Brittany answered the door before the maids could. She was also desperate like Lana . Opening the door , Brittany saw a mail man standing right there with a box in his hands . After a little question with Brittany , she got in . ' its from father ' she thought happily. Her heart was filled with joy . " Nelson , Lana we have a parcel  from Father ." " Hey Nels , where's Lana ?"
" she's asleep . let's go to her room . I'm freaking happy sis . two weeks !! we finally have a green light " .

    They rushed into my room . Brittany quickly slapped her butt. "Britt , why slap my butt? Fuck . It hurts  . aaaawwww " .
" Sit up dummy , we have a parcel from father ".
" Really Britt ? Nels ? ".
" Yes Lanny . who's gonna open it up ? "
" You Nels ".

Nelson opened it up , the letter was on the picture which was upside down . He began reading , his fingers were trembling , his face pale. Tears gathered up in his eyes . the letter fell from his hands as he burst into tears . he fell straight to the floor . Brittany picked it up and read alongside with me.

- - - -
I immediately rushed to the place the picture was taken. All I met was their ashes . I packed some into my  jewelry bag for protection and good luck . As I was about to go i saw a note out of no where . 'we're gonna kill you too ' I had to run to my brother and sisters  . A while after i got home , the house was locked . I got shocked  .
" s-s-Sabrina ? what happened ? where is everyone ? "
I never knew when i became a stammerer . " They left , as the rest of the maids heard they had to run . Brittany and Nelson left too , they abandoned you because they were jealous . But i-i can't let you die off "

         I felt a sharp pain pierce through my heart as I held my chest . Nels and Britt just left me ? " They acted as their father ordered . There was a special key sir condor invented for all his properties . Besides , the security system was defensive ".
" I also brought out your money box . You could live with me . you have a total of 5.5 million USD in here . Let's go ".

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