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Thank you so much for everyone who has been reading and voting it means the world to me 💓💓💓

There is so many times  I have to say "thank you"  yet, i need to say it again.

I never really thought anyone would read my books and especially get a 1k readers and this just means to world to me thank you again 💞💞

Plus- does anyone know who Michele Marrone is? And did anyone watch 365 dni "days" if you did what do you think about it and who is your favourite character mine is Massimo

Also that song hard for me is just amazing especially as it was the first song of the film 💞

Anyway sorry for not being active ik I said I would be writing new chapters but I have just been extremely busy I hope you can forgive me anyway thank you and byyeee

Massimo-Michael Marrone-

Massimo-Michael Marrone-

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