Introduction to Delilah

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A/N: Hi everyone, all new readers! Just a warning, this story is absolutely hectic at the beginning and for a while in. Bare with me while I do tons of corrections and rewrites. I now understand the concept of character development and I'm working towards a gradual change in her. You'll understand when you read it, hopefully. Thank you, enjoy!

Name: Delilah Rose Johnson

Age: 16

Height: 5'2

Hair Color: Dark red

Eye Color: silver

S/O: Straight

Personality: a total badass with a sweet side to her. She may look innocent, but cross her, and she will make you burn. She can be rude at times until you break down that wall of hers. She's incredibly sensitive.

Likes: bad boys, rock, running, singing, playing guitar, nature

Dislikes: preppy bitches, swimming, talking about her past

Her story:

When Delilah was little, her parents fought a lot. They promised again and again that they loved her, but as some things go, it fell to pieces. Her biological mother walked out on the family one day. No letter, no trace of her existence in the house. Nothing but the shattered picture frames filled with fake smiles. It didn't take long before her father couldn't handle her and her brother at the same time, so he did what he said he had to. He put her up for adoption and told her he wanted nothing to do with her anymore. She was not his daughter anymore. Her brother was the only one she could count on. They talked as much as possible until suddenly, all communication stopped around 2 months ago. She just got word that he's been in the hospital in critical condition. Apparently he'd been sick for a long time, and didn't know how much longer he could last. She held onto hope for him. She needs him. Most of the time, Delilah is numb to emotion. She forces herself not to love anymore, and she currently lives with the woman who adopted her and is comfortable calling her family.

Reason for signing up for Total Drama:
Delilah and her mum decided that this would be a great way to make friends and to let her have a once in a lifetime experience. What has she got to lose, anyway?

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