Last Night

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I was getting ready for Matt and I's last night together for a long time. He was leaving for the Sunsation tour that held more than ten cities altogether.

I was shocked when Matt told me and also devastated. We had been dating for more than ten months, I was going to lose my mind without him here with me.

I wore black capris with one of Matt's shirts that he gave to me, wanting me
to keep them. The shirt was black and a tee, with the short sleeves having a different design of the whole shirt which was black but the alike design of the front pocket.

I washed off all my makeup, since Matt liked me much more plain, and then put my long brunette hair into a side ponytail that ended at my lower chest.

I wanted to be perfect for Matt for our last night tonight. I was scared for tomorrow when he'd go to the airport, but I knew tonight would be memorable.

I took a deep breath and then waited for Matt to show up. He was coming at 8:00 and spending the night, my parents on their anniversary trip.

As I was eating a bowl of grapes so I wouldn't be hungry later, the doorbell rang. I set down my bowl on the kitchen counter and sprang to the front door.

I opened it without looking through the peephole, because my assumption was right. Matt was behind the door, smiling as he wore my favorite clothes of his as well.

He wore grey cargo shorts and a white tee shirt that was my absolute favorite. He also had his hair down instead of gelled up, making me smile even wider. I loved his hair that way.

I jumped into Matt's arms right when he was completely inside the house, him chuckling into my hair and kicking the door closed behind us.

"Hi baby" he greets, my legs wounding around his torso as he gripped my back and kept me there.

"Hi" I say cheerfully. I pressed my head into the crook of Matt's neck and I noticed something. He smelled like my favorite cologne of his as well. I giggled.

Matt let go of me but I didn't let go of him. He chuckled. "Are you gonna let go?" he asks in complete amusement.

"Nevaaa" I say in a villain type of voice. Matt laughs his adorable high-pitched laugh that I fell in love with ten months ago.

"Alright, your choice baby girl" Matt says, walking over to the kitchen as I still clung to him. Matt opened the fridge and was able to grab a soda.

"Open this for me?" asks Matt of me. I giggle, pull away enough to grab the soda, my legs still around him as I cracked open the can.

I got a funny idea and tipped the can for him, pressing the soda to his mouth as he drank gratefully. I giggled as he chuckled at my laugh as soda squirted all over his face.

I laugh harder as I set the can back down on the counter. "Walk over to the napkins" I say through laughs as Matt laughed along with me, grabbing two napkins.

I took them from his grasp and patted Matt's face clean. I threw away the napkins to the nearby trash can, then turned back to Matt, still cling to him and both of us not even minding.

"You missed a spot" Matt claims, puckering his lips that had a bit of soda left on it.

I giggle as I then lean down and kiss Matt's wet lips. Matt chuckled into my lips as we continued to kiss each other. Our lips moved in complete sync as Matt moved my legs a bit more tighter on him as I continued to kiss him.

Out of nowhere, I felt a burning sensation in my chest and throat. A whimper came from my throat as I pulled away from Matt's lips as my head fell onto his chest.

I noticed that I was then crying. Sobs erupted from my quivering lips as Matt's eyes widened in shock.

He set me down in standing position and cupped my face with his two hands.

"Y/N shh shh, don't cry please don't cry, shh" Matt repeated to me as I continued to sob into his chest anyways.

Matt picks me up now bridal style and carries me over to my living room couch we had many memories with. He lied down with me beside him as I curled up onto his chest and stomach.

"Y/N, why are you crying?" Matt asks me now with full worry.

I wipe my eyes as now just shaky breaths come out of my mouth. "Because I-I'm g-gonna miss you s-so much" I say, my sobs messing up my words.

Matt fell silent and his grip loosened on me the slightest. I sigh into his chest and curl closer to him.

"I'm...I'm sorry" I say, ducking my head.

Matt, suddenly, stands up and pulls me up with him, surprisingly forcefully. I still had left over tears in my eyes which was more than embarrassing but I kept my eyes on him.

"Y/N," Matt says in a strong voice. "I would never go after any other girl but you. You are mine and I am yours, and if I have to prove that to you, then I will" Matt speeches. I continue to stare in his eyes, lost and replaying his words in my mind.

"You are mine and I am yours"

"You don't have to prove-" I start, but Matt interrupts.

"I want to" he insists. I opened my mouth to say something else, but Matt placed his finger onto my lips. I sigh and then close my mouth once again.

Matt picks me up again bridal style and then ran up my spiral staircase. I was confused but then just closed my eyes and took another deep breath.

Just make the night memorable, I tell myself.

I open my eyes and suddenly I'm in my bedroom. Matt plopped me down onto the bed, making it shake the slightest.

"Matt, what are you-" I start, but his lips interrupted me. They smashed into mine, his body hovering over mine.

I didn't kiss back at first, out of confusion, but then realized this was Matt and I's last night together for a very long time. I immediately kiss back and pull Matt down closer to me by the collar of his shirt. He smiled into my lips by my response and continues to kiss me.

Soon enough, his passion formed into lust, and so did mine. I tugged on the hem of Matt's shirt as he immediately slipped it off with ease.

The kiss was only broke for two seconds as Matt grinned and then started kissing me again.

I noticed that Matt had gotten my capris off without me even noticing, leaving me only in my shirt and under garments.

Matt moved his lips to my collarbone, knowing that was my number one weakness. I forced my moans to not leave my throat but one slipped out, making Matt grin on my skin.

Matt, suddenly, cupped his hands on my cheeks and smoothed his thumb under my eyes. "Y/N," he starts, pressing his forehead against mine. "I will be thinking of you every day I'm gone. I am in love with you. Please remember that while I'm gone" Matt pleads, pressing his lips now lighter against mine.

I kiss back and lock my hands around his wrists. I look deep into the hazel eyes of his that matched mine and said "I love you too."

* * * * *

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