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I fixed my bed and chaged the sheets because there was  umm

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I fixed my bed and chaged the
sheets because there was  umm..."vanilla" all over them

Then I slid some random slides and went downstairs to see what the boys were arguing about.

S: why the fuck are you guys arguing

R: Oh samantha please slap the fuck out of them

S: why

I said laughing

K: ok so pretend your a dude


K: what do you prefer Ass or boobs

I started laughing after kairi said that. Their really fight over that

A: be serious come on boobs are better right

K: no! It's the ass

R: No its not its their personality


A: Bro no

S: Are you guys serious right now!?


S: well if I had a dick I'll choose ass


A: What the fuck..NO

R: bruh sam your better than that

S: awh come on.. you guys only look at the ass that's like your favorite thing dont be lyng to me

A: ok yea low key but I mean what about the boobs

S: not very girl can pull that off look at me I'm flat chested

R: no your not-

A: I smell lots of cap

S: I'm not playing.

K: I've never notice that you aren't flat

S: I am!!

M: what's the whole argument about

Mattia came down the stairs with a cup on his hand

S: its nothi-

K:Mattia ass or boobs

Mattia looked confused for a sec then he raised his eyebrows

M: easy..both

A: Bruh..

R: To be honest

K:no like you can only pick one

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