The Brutality of This World

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Marching along the streets
To cover out the sounds of voices- 
Someones oppressed, 
The people cry out. 

Burning along the cities
To slash out the raging evils- 
People are compressing, 
Crushing innocents. 

Can't speak for blue lives, 
Who is blue anyway? 
There are black people dying, 
Isn't that more than enough
To cry out for justice? 

Raising up their fists, 
While blue men kneel just 
To tear us down. 
What are you saying? 

If I cannot march, 
If I cannot speak, 
Then why should you
Dictate how we 
Show our suffering? 

If I cannot stand, 
If I cannot stay, 
Then what am I
To even cry for? 

Shouting for justice 
As blue men gas us down- 
We can't fall back when 
The world is still full 
Of this brutality. 


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