Encryption - Prologue

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As Margaret Lawrington-Secretary of Mechanical Sciences-paced the empty waiting room, worrying the soles off her orthopedic shoes, she thought hard about whether or not she'd made the right choice in pursuing the experiment. Not that she'd had a choice-the Director of the Human Advancement in Scientific Areas (HASA) was adamant with this occurring-but, could she have pushed harder for the opposition?

Ms. Lawrington personally thought that, as a common characteristic of human moral, none should be sacrificed for the sake of science, if not willing. Not even a baby orphan. She loved her job and providing for the betterment of technology, but perhaps this was overdoing it. After all, was it just to strip a child of an identity before it even knows what it is? Then replace it with the experimental gadgetry of HASA? The very concept is wrong!

But then again, what if all went well? What if the human race has found a way to emanate life? That would certainly be an accomplishment. But at what risk?

As the countless reasons justifying and opposing this conclusion circled though the scientist's head in a turmoil, she barely noticed as the lab door finally swung open.

"Ms. Margaret Lawrington?"

Temporarily halted in her wandering train of thought, Ms. Lawrington spun to face the young girl who had come to summon her.

"Yes, Ms. Lawrington," the girl said politely, if not in a bored tone, "Dr. Shermingham says you can come in now."

Nodding once and straightening the coat of her neatly pressed black suit, Ms. Lawrington, Secretary of Science, took a deep breath and followed the doctor's niece though the foreboding doorway.

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