what if, in fact, you're just disgusting? razzle dazzle 'em

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today's been weird man, you know what i dreamt last night? i dreamt three of my friends were over at my house for lunch (keep in mind this told me i was dreaming since my school is 20 minutes away so it'd never happen irl)  and i was making some taquitos and hot dogs but i made like 50 and one of my friends was sick, another already ate, and the other just doesn't eat much so i was left with 50 taquitos and 50 hot dogs that i had to eat before my parents got home and I WAS SO DISGUSTED YOU COULD TASTE HOW GROSS AND PROCESSED THEY WERE then my parents came home and i still had like 20 left so i wrapped them up and just like hid them under my shirt. then, freaking amazing timing, my friend started crying on the floor, probably bc she was sick, and now the one who already ate was sick too and the one that didn't eat much was taking care of them so i was like "cAN wE pLz lEAvE nOw?" and they really said "nO"

also should i just never associate myself with hispanics ever? bc every time i do, people always get mad that i personally find most mexican food to taste kinda gross and my family isn't the most traditional fam so we don't do all the celebrations, i'm not religious i'm agnostic so that's not with mexican culture, idk spanish, everything about me is literally against the culture so how can i say i'm part of it??

i was watching thomas' charity live stream last night and first of all i'm so proud of everyone for raising 30k in 3 hours and i think there's even more now and that's crazy. second of all, they are all so precious, terrence, quil, adri, gavin, and thomas are absolute angels. third of all, can we talk about janus singing razzle dazzle? freaking beautiful, i love that man sm, no one will ever compare.

oh and I'M FINALLY CAUGHT UP ON STEVEN UNIVERSE. okay i started steven universe some time in middle school bc of thomas sanders. then i slowed down bc hulu only has up to season 4 so i had to watch most of season 5 on dailymotion and youtube and lemme tell you, quality isn't great. but then the beauty that is hbomax came out about a week or so ago and it had season 5. so i finished that in a day and today i found the movie online so i watched it and it was such a masterpiece. my friends had all seen it back in september, or whenever it came out, and one of my friends is in love with spinel. i never understood since i'd only seen some spoilers, i'd never seen the movie, but i can see why now bc she's so freaking adorable, she reminds me of peridot and entrapta mixed with frosta and lady elizabeth and grell. ik i mixed three similar shows (cmon, one is about lesbians that fight space lesbians, one is about multiple space gays fighting other space gays, and the last is about mostly straight people, with trans peeps and gays sprinkled in, fighting supernatural straights, all checks out :))

okay so i'm lactose intolerant, i dread parties and stuff bc ITS ALWAYS PIZZA but anyways i love cereal but ya know milk. i used to have a really good soy milk (i mean it was really unhealthy but it tasted good) but they stopped selling it. but low and behold, i got lactaid and it tastes so good, it doesn't hurt my tum tum and i had some special k earlier, living for it!

that's it ig, love you, buh bye!


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