Chapter 2

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The arena is huge and scary and surrounded with girls just like me, thinking that getting to the concert early would mean they would meet the boys. I know I'm 18 but sometimes I think I'm as naive as a 8 year old.

I park my car as close as I can to the entrance next to a huge black Jeep and some car that I don't know the name of but it looks pretty. I check my car to make sure I have everything. I got my phone, my bag with my water, my posters, my necklace my dad gave me and a pen. I bring a pen everywhere because you never know.

I check myself in the mirror. I look alright. Just alright, even though I spent 3 hours on my makeup alone I'm still not secure with myself. I used to have really bad acne but I went on medication and now my skin is fine. Fine. My hair is down to my butt. I get it trimmed every 2 months so it is nice and healthy. I'm naturally dark brown but about a year and a half ago I added highlights so I'm basically blonde now. Whenever I bought the ticket in November, I started this crazy 10 months diet and exercise plan so I would be as skinny as possible for the concert. Back then I was 145 pounds and now I'm 115 pounds so I guess you could say I was hungry a lot. All this preparation and I'm still nervous as shit.

I get out of my car and I immediately get anxiety. Everyone is with their friends, laughing and talking and I'm alone. It's okay Del you got this.

I sit on the stairs right by the entrance. Everyone around me is singing Fireproof. I feel uncomfortable. I was never really good at making new friends because I sometimes come on too strong. I know I have a chronic bitch face 24/7 but if people just gave me a chance, I'm actually a really fun person. Steph was my only true friend. After she was diagnosed with Leukemia, she never changed she was always smiling and happy. I don't even know how we were best friends, we were complete opposites. But I guess that's how it worked. I really miss her. Steph was the one who got me into One Direction. She livestreamed their X-factor performances and one day she showed me when they performed You Are So Beautiful, ever since then I have been completely devoted to them. Steph would have loved to be here.

I don't want to sit on this stairs by myself for 7 hours so I decide to walk around the arena to look for any back doors I could sneak into. I have always wanted to sneak into a concert and meet the band but let's be real, that is never going to happen. I'm on the other side of the massive building where no one is. I like it better over here, I feel more comfortable by myself. I walk around and I see a black door. Sterotypical black door entrance into a concert so ofcourse I go over but I'm stopped by someone.

"Can I help you?" The man had no accent, just a typical New York accent.

I turn around and the guy doesn't look familar at all. I don't think I have ever seen a picture of him in my entire life which means he has no relation to the boys.

"Oh sorry. I was just looking around. Well honestly I was trying to sneak in backstage." I giggle and put on my innocent smile. This smile gets my out of trouble all the time. I look at the man and he has a tag and is dressed in all black. He is a security guard. Perfect.

"Are you a security guard?"

"Yes I am but I'm not going to help-"

I cut him off "I'm here by myself and I'm going front row. Can you just look out for me and make sure I'm safe because I'm not really good with crowds. I'm Section 9 Row 1 Seat 5. " I smile. I'm completely messing with this guy but hey you never know who he knows.

"Oh yeah sure. I will protect you no worries. Now you should probably go back to the main entrance because the-" The boys are coming through this way! He was going to say that!

"Okay! Ofcourse!" I skip off away by from the man until I'm out of his line of vision. I need to get back here before the concert. If the boys are going to be back here maybe, just maybe, I will meet them. I have always dreamed about meeting Harry completely unexpectedly but it is really unrealistic.

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