• bonus chapter 3 •

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hey, you guys still there?

"Hey, how about we have a little date this Saturday?" Harry turned to look up at me and I nodded, a smile stretching on my face "I'd like that" He mirrored my smile "Okay great, I'll pick you up at seven, how does that sound?" I nodded again, feeling a bubble of butterflies burst within my stomach. This date would be the first we ever go on ever since we started dating about a year back. "You know this is our first date, right?" I mentioned as I continued to run my fingers through Harry's hair, his head rested on my lap while we watched a movie on Netflix "Really? I hadn't thought about that" I hummed before responding only to hear my father's loud snore interrupt me. Harry and I looked at him as he slept on the couch adjacent to us, we chuckled softly "I'll wake him up" I sighed and Harry lifted himself off of me as I stood and walked to my father, nudging his shoulder slightly causing him to jolt awake.

"What is it? Did your water break?" I frowned at my father and by the looks of his disorientated eyes, I realized he was having a dream, a dream of Mom. "Nothing like that, Dad. You fell asleep on the couch, why don't you head on up to bed? It's quite late" I said and he looked at his watch before nodding "Oh yeah, I'll see you kids in the morning" He let out a yawn as he stood from his seat, kissing my forehead then headed upstairs "Goodnight, you two" He called on his way earning the same bid from Harry and I. "Come here" Harry patted his thighs eliciting a squeak from the bottom of my throat but I was grateful that he didn't hear it. There's just something about the way he says that, it's so possessive yet comforting at the same time. I stepped towards him, standing between his parted knees "What?" I chortled as he grabbed my thighs making me straddle his lap. A goofy grin settled on Harry's lips before he lifted my shirt over his head, immediately sucking on the skin of my cleavage.

I threw my head back with a laugh at his actions, placing my hands around his neck as he left open mouthed kisses along my torso before I pulled his head from under my shirt "I'm not done, I was just going for your nipple" He pouted and I smiled, kissing his lips "My father's upstairs, babe." He continued to pout "Well, I told you that not wearing a bra around me doesn't help my situation plus he won't hear us" I raised an eyebrow at my boyfriend "You don't know that, he could walk down here any second" I said, brushing his hair away from his forehead "Your hair has grown quite a lot" He hummed at the touch of my fingers through his hair "Maybe you should start styling it, do you want it to grow longer?" I led my fingers down his locks of hair, ending off at his shoulders "I don't know, I kind of like having it long for now. I could get bored of it" He answered slowly, his eyes had drooped close and I held a smile to my face as I admired his. Eyes closed into slits, a soft and sleepy smile on his plumpy pink lips with his head tilted back to face me.

I leaned forward, gently taking his lips in mine as I felt his smile broaden. Harry's tongue immediately slipped into my mouth, massaging my own as he felt his way under the back of my shirt while using his free hand to squeeze my ass. "Let's go to bed, yeah?" I muttered against his mouth and he nodded "Does that mean we get to have sex?" I chuckled while shaking my head "No, it doesn't" I rested my forehead against his as he sighed before picking me up from the couch, my legs locked behind him. Reaching my room, he set me down in my ensuite followed by tender caresses in the shower. "I can't wait for tomorrow" Harry mentioned as we got into bed, I smiled up at him "Neither can I" He kissed my forehead before the two of us fell asleep.

"Addy!" Carter's voice boomed through the house, her footsteps were heard trudging upstairs before she bustled into my room "What are you doing here?" I looked up from sitting on my bed, a sketchpad on my lap "To cheer you up, what friend would I be if I didn't?" She threw a bag onto my bed before climbing on, pulling the brown bag closer to us "What's that?" She passed me a sly smile and reached into the bag only to pull out an elegant red dress. I looked at her questioningly, not in the mood to deal with her crazy ideas "I thought that since Harry bailed on you at the last minute that the both of us should have a girl's night out. We could go out for drinks and just spend time together like the good old days" I let out a chuckle

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