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The couples stepped out of the plane, their luggage's were taken into the black Ferrari they owned . " What time is the meeting scheduled? "
  " 8:30 pm honey "
  They discussed more about the upcoming event. The driver , mr. John noticed two black Audi cars and a truck trailing behind them . he increased his speed
  " seatbelts done ? "
  " Yeah , sure John ."
  " Hey , hey why are you speeding ? i'm not so used to this " Ma Condor became nervous
  " Madam , there are three cars trailing behind us  . We have to speed up so i can cut them . Just hold on tight to something " Her heart was racing already.
  " Holy mother of Theresa ." sir condor began laughing his balls out .
  " really Austin ? this is a serious situation and you're putting up jokes ? " He laughed again . Ma Condor couldn't help but look at him , she wanted to be angry but instead her lips gently curves up to a smile . John played music - what lovers do by Maroon 5 . Their chorus filled the air .

  Austin turned to look at Ma Condor , his dear wife , so affectionate . He got lost in her gray eyes . He leaned in so did she . "  I love you so much Brenda
  " I love you too Austin "
He placed a gentle kiss on her lips . Warmth filled his heart , he just wanted to devour her then and there but John was around . Regret filled his mind for not asking for his limo. he pulled back and smiled
  " oh-oh-oh-oh-ohhh i'm gonna shift for you-uh , you-uh , tryna do what lovers do "
little did they know that would be the last kiss they'll share .

  The ride was peaceful , no sign of Audi cars . They were at top speed , the driver suddenly pressed the breaks ; shocked at the sight in front of him . The car tumbled few meters away. The car was upside down , they all managed to get down . Austin as few scratches on his face , his nose was bleeding profusely . He held his other hand and winced in pain. He looked over at john who manage to get out of the car and opened it for them . Austin's gaze fell on his wife who was brutally injured , she had a soft white skin . Her red hair tangled to the gear . She cried in pain , Austin had to cut the tangled area .
  He lifted her up in princess style and managed to get her out .
They were shocked , all the men in their escort cars were killed just remaining the three of them .
" You thought you escaped us right ? hahahahaha "
  " What do you want ? i'll give you any amount of money . name it ! please " Austin defended
  " Fool , you just dropped your goddamn pride. Makes our mission easier . Let them be separated ... get ready to say your last prayers . "
  " What do you mean by last prayers ? you aren't gonna kill us are you ? " Brenda  became  scared , few gripped her heart . She wanted to fight back to the men holding her down. 
  " Of course young lady but before that i have a gift for you " . The man walked towards her and bent down . He held her jaw so tight to open her mouth , he leaned in and forcefully kissed her . His mouth tasted sour , some better chocolate tasted too . Brenda began crying as she spat on his face . He held her jaw again so hard and slapped her hard on the cheeks . Brenda sightly touched the bruised cheek and burst into heavy tears .
  " Leave my wife alone you jerk . leave her out of this ...." he started to sob quietly
  " Take me and leave her , please "
" Haha ... yes, we'll take you ..ummm..and her too . haha "
" I love you so much Brenda , i will forever love you .." tears uncontrollably fell down his face
  " And please leave john out of this..he has a family "
  " Fuck. we're killing you all . your last words please? "
  " I need to write a letter to my kids . Pen and paper." he began writing
"Brittany , Lana , Nelson .We're so sorry leaving you unannounced. It isn't our doing . You reading this heartfelt letter .. you should know already that we are dead . I love you all so much and equally , your mum does too . please flee away from the house after reading this ... lock all my properties , you already know how to do that . I don't want to leave you guys ..  not so soon but just take it as fate . we're gone and i hope we meet again .I LOVE YOU "
            from father , Austin
and mother , Brenda . 

There were tear drops on the letter . Gunshot sounds filled the air . Their dead bodies were snapped and printed.

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