12: Trapped in between.

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Over the weekend, Nichole kept blowing up my phone with texts about how awesome the party was and how much fun I was missing out on. When that wasn't enough for her, she switched to sending pictures taken at the party and if the texts hadn't made me jealous, the pictures certainly did. Despite my best attempt to delete the photos and ignore her antics, they were just too many to get rid off. I still had about half a dozen pictures left on my phone.

When Monday rolled around, everyone who were invited to the party kept gushing on and on about how awesome the party was and that only helped put me in a foul mood. We get it people! I thought darkly as I pushed my way through a group of giggling girls. Amber appeared at my side a moment later and was soon followed by Nichole.

"Hey guys!" She chirped happily. "How'd your weekend go? Anything exciting happen?".

Her question was posed innocently but the annoying smirk and look of satisfaction on her face ticked me off more than I cared to admit.

"There's no need to gloat Nichole. We know you had an exciting weekend" Amber replied dryly before releasing a long yawn.

"Well, if you'd gone with me I wouldn't have to gloat" Nichole sassed.

I groaned loudly and turned my attention to Amber. "Are we seriously going to listen to her?".

"Nope" she replied and turned to walk down the corridor leading to the library. When I understood what she was doing, I quickly darted to the hallway on my right leading to physics class.

"Later!" I yelled over my shoulder to a laughing Nichole. She shook her head in amusement and clutched her sides as she kept on laughing at Amber and I.

"It's not my fault you guys have boring lives!".

That was the last thing I heard from her before I entered into the classroom. The teacher was already busy scribbling something on the board when I entered. Since she wasn't paying attention to the fact that I was already five minutes late, I tried to sneak over to a vacant table by the window. I hadn't even taken three steps into the classroom when a paper ball knocked me on the head.

"Ouch!" I yelped before bending to pick up the scrunched up piece of paper. In annoyance, I turned my head in the direction the paper had come from to see the culprit who threw it. My attention landed on Nathan and his friends who were busy laughing to themselves. I squeezed the ball tightly in my hand and threw it back at Nathan's stupid face.

Unfortunately, the teacher had chosen that exact moment to turn around and I knew she'd witnessed my poor attempt at getting revenge.

"Miss Whitfield" she spat in annoyance as her eyes raked over my body. "I see that it isn't enough for you to be late to my class, but you also want to start up trouble".

"It isn't what it looks like ma'am, I-"


"But-" I tried to explain myself again, but I quietly shut my mouth when I saw her face getting red with anger.

"I will not tolerate this behaviour from you miss Whitfield" she snapped and grabbed my hand roughly. "Since you want to cause trouble, you can sit with the other delinquents in the class".

She dragged me behind her like a rag doll and at the end of her rant, she deposited me into a vacant chair. When she went back to the board, I turned to see who my companion was and groaned when I saw that on either sides of my chair, were sat Nathan and Julian. Great! I thought in annoyance. Now I was trapped between the two of them.

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