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             Olive, Sasha and Christy are all in my room trying to convince me to go out with them to the New club in town.
"You can't keep mopping around like this you need to live again"Sasha whines.
          "Yeah you know what they say to get over a man you must get under a new one' " Sasha fucked anything with a penis so I never listened to her.No one did. we all learned that the hard way.
           "Ok first of all I didn't say I was miserable or depressed.you always go out and leave me alone with my TV. Besides, nothing beats binge-watching Game of Thrones and eating a bucket load of ice-cream.seriously.you guys can go."Ok, I admit I was a little bored. But I'd die before admitting that to them. They'd make me do some crazy shit that I'm not up for.
            Christy shakes her head at me, "Nuh-uh you're coming with us today. You keep avoiding this ever since that Slimy bastard cheated on you with your airhead sister  ."We never mentioned Mark's name. It was forever banned. Our little group even made a promise never to date a Mark, like ever or a Nathan. long story. Just know it has something to do with Olive. And as for my sister, well I admit that we are not exactly BFFs but she is my family and ii can't understand why she keeps doing this to me.
"Can I just"
"Nope" They all shake there heads and glare at me, making it clear that they are not changing their minds.
         I hated it when they ganged up on me. I finally give up the fight and sigh, "Fine! Let me take a quick shower and put on some decent clothes" I look down at my oversized shirt with a Baby Yoda on it. They don't judge me, star wars is the shit.
I get up and step into the shower. 20 minutes later, I leave the shower and find my best friends in my bedroom, I groan "what do you want? I told you I'd come along didn't I?"
          Olive rolls her eyes at my whining, "Yeah you also have a habit of changing your mind".Sasha is tossing my clothes from my wardrobe to my the bed, probably looking for a slutty outfit for me to wear.
           "Besides we're helping you get dressed."Chrissy cheerfully adds.
          "Yeah, I do need help with my make-up".I eye Sasha who perks up at the mention of make-up. She was crazy obsessed with it besides being a bookstore owner she did some Celebrity make-up. Sometimes I couldn't figure her out. She loved to read but was so outdoorsy you couldn't know she was a closeted geek.
            Sasha does my make up while Chrissy does my hair. Olive picks out my clothes.
When they finish, I check my appearance in my dressing mirror beside my bed. I nearly gasp as I could hardly recognise myself. My waist-length hair was let down in loose waves down my back, flowing over the Lacey short black dress, making me look both sexy and elegant. The eye make up makes my Hazel, almond-shaped eyes pop. The hot red lipstick made my Cupid bow-shaped lips look fuller.
"We know," they all said at once. I get my purse and we all leave the apartment. Hopefully to help me forget my miserable life.

                DAMON'S POV
          Lukas places the shot glasses in front of me." come on man, live a little."
"No thanks Man" I look at my best friend and wonder how he manages to do this every Friday evening. I can't stand Clubs. I mean sure I own them, doesn't mean I have to like them though. I shake my head at him, "I don't want to end up with some nameless whore in the morning."
Lukas gives me a funny look, "Man that's the whole fucking point of clubs, getting laid and booze. What Man wouldn't want that?"I raised my brow at him." well ok then," he sighs and grabs a shot of vodka and sucks a slice of lime.
           "Damn, man you used to be fun." his face turns serious, "Man I know what Heather did fucked you up. But have you ever just thought of living in the moment?".I think about this for a minute. I don't see the point of this 'living in the moment' stuff'.I plan everything in my life. I don't like distractions or anything unplanned honestly I feel sorry for everyone who doesn't do what I do.
           "Not really man I just like things orderly and planned."
"Right..."Lucas drops it. He knows better than to ruin my mood.
"Hey Man I gotta leave you for some time," he is eyeing some leggy blonde at the far end of the bar table."Sure Man, whatever."I shrug and continued drinking my cold beer.
    Lukeas leaves me alone and soon enough my thoughts catch up to me. My father called me yesterday. Claimed he was checking up on me. But I knew better. He was trying to see if I was having any problems with my company. I didn't understand why he insisted on me taking over his company. I Had two siblings, one of which was capable enough to run his stupid company. Mason, My younger brother could do it. He might be a huge player but he Knew how to be dependable and trustworthy when necessary. Ireen was a spoiled brat so I'd count her out anyway.
         Lost in my thoughts I feel cold liquid running through  my Armani pants, "what the.."I jumped up from the barstool. And get a napkin and start trying to dry my pants.
   "OMG I'm so sorry" the owner of the voice sounds embarrassed but I don't give a shit. I'm about to go off, but when I look up at who spilt the drink on me, I'm looking at the most beautiful big hazel doe eyes I'd ever seen...

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