chapter one

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Your pov
I sigh as my manager yet again yells in my face telling me that I need to work harder and all that shit. "Y/n I'm not kidding you are in your last chance" he snapped I just nod walking away. I go back to the till where a woman was "hello welcome to Dean's cafe what can I get you" i ask and the lady smiles at me "well hes a pice of work" she says nodding towards the manager. I just nod not saying anything not wanting to get in anymore trouble the lady laughs softly and looks at my name badge "well Y/N I'll have a large latte with almond milk and a pump of ginger bread" I nod slowly typing it into the till "is that to take away or stay in" I asked softly "I'll have it here today" she says gentley i nod and make fast work at making her drink once done i hand it over to her "that's £2.50" I say she nods and taps her card on the machine then goes over to a small table near the window.

I slowly watch the young girl as she works I can see the bags under her eyes and how exhausted she looks I frown as I see her manager storming over to her grabbing her arm hard he stands there yelling at her "y/n will you hurry the fuck up" he says angrily I frown as the young girl looks close to tears "dont give me that Y/N" the manager yells more I stand up walking over "excuse me" I say staring at the two. The manager looked at me "yes can i help you" he says still with a firm grip on the girl who looked scared for her life "yea you can let her go" i said he looked at me and laughed "keep your nose out" he says and I glare "let her go for fuck sake" I say he glares at me pulling the girls from behind the counter throwing her to the ground at my feet "get out both of you I help the girl up pulling her out the cafe "you okay?" I ask softly she keeps looking at the ground "yea I'm okay" she said I lift her head up with my hand "I'm Jeniffer but people call me JJ" she looks at me "nice to meet you JJ" she said softly I could see her eyes filled with tears "what's wrong" she says "I just got no where to go now you see I used to live with my manager" she said a tear falling "you lived with your manager?" I asked confused she nods "we were in a kind if relationship" she says looking at me biting her lip "what you mean kins of relationship" I asked confused she didnt look at me her cheeks blushing bright red "a DDLG relationship" she says still blushing even more I started at her "oh right" I said she looked even more embarrassed "its okay you know" I said softly "I'm a mommy" I say looking at her at this she looked at me shocked "a mommy," she says i nod "and i wanna be your mommy" i say smiling at the look on her face "well" i ask after a few moments of silence she just beamed "yes i would really like that" she said worh a slight giggle.

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