Ch. 10

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Chapter Ten


Today's the first day of school so I woke up early. The sun wasn't up yet and class doesn't start until 8am. I look out the window into the dimly lit street and sighed disappointingly when I didn't my dad's car in the driveway.

He left without saying goodbye.

I should probably be used to it by now. But I'm not.

Gloomy, I go to my closet to pick out clothes. I had only a small amount of wardrobe so choosing wasn't hard.

I settled with a knee length black skater skirt and a white fitting sweater to cover my cuts and bruises. The bruise on my knee was almost healed while the cut was still very apparent.

I went to the bathroom afterwards to take a short shower. My eyes lingered on the tattoos on my stomach before I wrapped myself in a towel. I smiled when I saw a new addition.

Gabriel's name was written in orange below Raven's.

I still don't know what the hell they mean.

I was quiet when I went back to my room.

The remedy Sean gave me worked wonders, I could feel my throat getting better. It still hurts when I speak but we're getting there.

I put on my clothes and put on my brown sandals that I wore when Silas, Victor, Gabriel, Kota and I first met in the woods. I cover my left ankle with a bandage where the cut was so Sean won't scold me again.

Rays of sunlight flood in my window as the sun peeked in the horizon. I took that as a sign to get breakfast ready.

I wasn't allowed to eat breakfast today as per my stepmother's command so I only cooked for two people. Good thing I ate dinner last night so my stomach can manage.

I don't have money, so I won't be eating lunch at school today. I had to find a job if I didn't want to starve.

I finished cooking just as Marie was walking down the stairs. She was wearing a short leather skirt, a pair of black heeled boots and a red tight fitting shirt that showed her cleavage. Her face was full of make up and her brown shoulder length hair was curled. I admit, Marie was gorgeous.

She rolled her eyes at me before grabbing a plate. I poured some orange juice for her.

"Don't talk to me at school, you freak." She spits, her voice sounding just like her mother's. I only nodded in response. I bit my tongue to prevent myself from replying a sarcastic remark.

I went back to my room to get my school bag ready. The bus should be here in twenty five minutes so I wasn't worried.

Marie left her dishes in the sink so I had to wash them before I left. Marie and I both had to take the bus so we were together when we got out of the house.

My eyes almost popped out of their sockets when I see Kota and the others leaving their house as Marie and I were stepping out of the driveway.

I prayed, please don't look. I'm invisible.

I'm invisible.

You can't see me.

Please don't look.

But the gods weren't generous today.

Gabriel saw me and energetically waved. The others saw what Gabriel was doing and turned to me. They waved just like Gabriel.

Marie was on her phone so she didn't see.

I turned back to the boys and waved slightly. The bus stop was a three minute walk away so we'd have to walk just a small distance.

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