Chapter Thirty-Three

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I woke up from the stray of sunlight coming from the window. I got up and stretched my back from the long, peaceful nap. I felt no tension whatsoever, and that was something life changing for me. There was no pain or the loathing feeling of fear in my dreams that would wake me up in the middle of the night, with sweat and tears going down like a waterfall.

I was at last peaceful, and I wanted nothing more but to stay in such a peaceful place like this. But I know that I'll have to get back on track once again, to run away from this place and somehow get out of this mess.

My thoughts were interrupted by a gentle knock on my door. I went to the door and twist it open. Revealing Patricia with a smile on her face. "Good morning, (y/n)." she said, as I greeted her back. "Care to join us for breakfast before leaving your trip?" she asked and I nod, "It would be my pleasure." I chuckle as we both went down the stairs, the floor creaking in every step that I take.

Whenever I step on these stairs, I feel as though it might break in any second and I would fall. It was something I was wary about, no matter how much I had already stepped on these wooden stairs.

I was met face to face with Emmanuel who greeted me good morning as I did too. We ate in silence as I took in the pleasure of the baked fresh bread in front of me. "Ready to venture, madame (y/n)?" Emmanuel asked as I nod my head with a smile.

There was hope glimmering inside me, and I hope nothing more but to believe in that little hope I have in me. Emmanuel gave Patricia a kiss on the lips, their hands entwined in each other's grasps.

Looking at them made me envious, for I had longed for something like this. A normal family, with a normal husband. But life had other plans, a very hellish one. One I wish I could've just died in. But here I am, getting fed by an innocent family. I knew to myself that I'm risking their own lives, that their own lives is at stake with them being oblivious about it.

It made me crack from my smile and made me frown a bit, but I immediately put my smile in display once again like my mind wasn't fighting with my own body. If I can't find them sooner, I would have to venture away from this village myself. I can't bare another blood spilled because of me.

Emmanuel and Patricia looked at me, making me snap away from my thoughts as Emmanuel came forward, "are you ready to venture outside madame?"  Asked Emmanuel. "Yes!" I gave out the most brightest smile I have on display as we waved goodbye to Patricia.

"I feel like I'm living in such a different era, Emmanuel. This place is breathtaking!" I said, breathing in the fresh, morning air. I could see busy people roaming around the street, the little children playing close to the pond and flowers blooming almost everywhere, This was a very colorful village. Houses attached to each other, while neighbors greet and exchange smiles. How lovely it is, to see such a happy place like this.

As we walked on, I looked up and saw two people on the balcony, the two house just inches away from each other. She waved hello to the boy from the other window, as I let out a chuckle. "Ah! here we are!" Emmanuel suddenly spoke, making me look at what was in front of us. It was a bridge. "Were almost there, madame (y/n)." he said, and I smiled "Oh, thank god." I replied.

As we walked on the bridge, I look at the river. I could see different kinds of fish and boats floating above the river. The water looked so clear, I almost got the urge to jump in. Three children ran to the river and fed the fishes, making the fishes draw closer to them and happily eat.

I chuckle at the sight and continued walking. And as I got more distracted at the lovely people greeting me and the things around this village, Emmanuel stopped. Making me stop as well.

Emmanuel looked at me, and I looked back. "This is the place, madame." He said, making my eyes widen a bit. From all the distractions, my mind had been occupied from all the things while walking around that I seemed to forget about the tight spot I'm in, and why I came all out here to see who the people really are.

A woman who looked like who was in her thirties came towards us. Her red curly goldilocks flowing behind her and beautiful emerald eyes that would get anyones attention. She gave us a smile and shook hands with Emmanuel.

"Ah! Emmanuel! How are you and your family?" She asked, "Very good." Emmanuel replied. The red haired woman looked my way and back to Emmanuel, "Is this the girl you're telling me about?" She asked and Emmanuel nod.

She put out a hand for me to take as I shook it. "My name is (y/n), its very nice to meet you." I introduced myself with a genuine smile painted on my face. "Alexandrina," She smiled back.

"The fine men are already waiting inside. Shall we?" She asked as I nod my head, feeling my hands already sweating and my heart skipping a beat every step I take towards the door.

Alexandrina noticed my nervousness as she pushed me forward gently, giving me a reassuring squeeze. But I know deep down that she must be utterly confused as to why I felt like this.

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