1. The First Letter

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The paper crinkled softly as he unfolded the letter.  Crisp and clean, Lukas found it hard to believe that the notes had been gone for almost one month.  Every weekend, Chandler wrote to him, but he never received a thing.  At first, it had been discouraging, but the blonde kept up his work.  He was going to write until Chandler replied.  He didn’t know what else to do.  He took a slow, deep breath, and began reading the note:

Dear Luk,


                I’ve been getting your letters.  Have you been getting mine?  From the looks of it, you think I’m ignoring you.  I don’t know what’s wrong with the postal service over there.  It must be a British thing.  I miss talking to you, though.  It’s been very lonely without talking to you.  That was always the highlight of the weekend.  Sure, I got to hang out with Emma and my friends, but… that was nothing compared to getting a note from you in the mailbox first thing in the morning.  It was like Christmas morning every Sunday.  Remember that guy I told you about who was bothering me?  I took your advice and told him to leave me alone.  I told him that he was probably bullying others to compensate for his own failures.  He kicked my ass.  It was the best ass-kicking I’ve ever earned.

                I got that sweater you sent for Christmas.  I know you said not to open it until the holiday season came around, but I couldn’t wait.  I’m an impatient person, as you already know!  I’m actually wearing it right now, but I need to wash it.  I have taco sauce on the front.  I’m eating a taco while I write this, in fact!  Do you like tacos?  Do you like anything besides tea?  Do British people eat anything, or do you all just stock up on liquids?  I’m totally joking, just in case I sound like I’m serious.  You guys eat, I’m sure.  It’s still pretty early, so you’ll have to excuse me if I keep rambling. 

                Can I ask you a question?  I’m feeling different.  I hear it’s puberty, but it’s really lame for a seventeen year old guy to still be going through that junk.  It’s a weird feeling though.  I’ve never had a best friend, so I think that’s what it is.  I get really excited when you write to me.  It’s dumb, but I can’t lie.  And it’s really fun writing to you as well.  Do you get that same feeling?  Maybe it’s just me.

                Anyways, I should wrap up this jumbled mess of English language before I go on another tangent.  I hope you get this letter, but if not, then…  I don’t know.  Please get this letter.  I miss talking to you.  If you had a cellphone, we could talk easier, but I know you can’t get one until you get a job, so…  But yeah, please get this letter.  Miss you, man.





                Lukas shook his head and chuckled to himself, rereading the letter once more before sighing.  He regretted being unable to get these messages.  They always brought a smile to his face.  As he closed his eyes, he felt a smile grow on his lips.  Chandler was his best friend as well.  He knew the blonde better than anyone else, and vise versa.  They were practically inseparable, excluding the miles between them.  Lukas folded the paper up and set it to the side, removing the next letter from the package.  He smiled after reading the first line.

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