How to get web development on-board with SEO?

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If you are reading this blog, it is only most likely that you want to start a business, and you want to come online. Hence, you must need a fully mobile responsive website, if you cannot afford to develop a separate mobile app to showcase your products or services. Now, that is the development part; but an online business gets popular through digital marketing & branding; you put in place.

Your website development idea has to be in-line with your digital marketing plan. Now, the key areas to focus under digital marketing would be;

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Pay per Click Campaigns

Online Advertisements

We will discuss how important SEO is and how you should be planning your SEO along with your website launching activity.

Search Engine Optimization is the technique that involves selecting a few keywords that are relevant to your business and making them easily accessible over the search engines. You launch your website to create an online presence and select some specific keywords so that people come to know about your business. SEO will give you fast recognition online. People, while browsing, will be able to come to know about your company, your products, and your services.

Search Engine Basics

Search Engines are everything today. People spend most of the time being connected to the internet, and the information available is vast. Data from one source is connected with multiple other online resources. It is how the virality grows. If you start planning your online recognition, you have to sit with the analysis first, on how to look at various demographics and evaluate the competitors. Search Engine algorithms are based on crawling and indexing techniques, and they make your desired information available with multiple URLs and online sources.

What is an Organic Search Result?

Organic search results are derived through Search Engine Optimization and not by running the paid advertisements. We have started seeing, search results started appearing in the form of paid ads and the ranked keywords too. There are predictive search results also. Whenever you type a keyword, the search engine starts predicting the related keywords and arranges the results accordingly. Search Engines make money from paid advertisements only. Hence, the preference for filling a search result will be initiated by the advertisement providers. Search Engines aim to fetch in the online visitors to come and search with the same or similar keywords so that they always click on certain advertisement links, and the revenue goes to the Search Engine.

Why is SEO so important?

If you talk about the primary online traffic that comes through organic search, Search Engines direct the most traffic to your website as compared paid to advertisements, social media campaigns, etc. Hence, it would help if you plan your SEO very wisely. The success of Search Engine Optimization depends on specific demographics. If you talk about the USA, the paid advertisement in the reach-estate search has a lesser achievement than India. In India, knowledge materials are mostly searched. So, your organic search appears to be instrumental for the knowledge-based sector.

SEO does not yield quick results; it takes a subsequent amount of time, but it starts paying the dividends once the respective keyword ranking starts appearing. Every keyword should be assisted with a solid piece of coding so that the SEO requirement gets fulfilled. On the contrary, paid advertisement is quick & effective, but you need to allocate the fund continuously. Content is still the king for SEO, but the idea of content placing is getting changed with the current user search patterns, trends, search engine algorithms, mobile optimization, and pictorial representation.

Planning with SEO

Before you start the online branding of your website or app, you should start with the SEO first. The reasons being,

Low Cost to start with.

You understand the actual demand of your business.

You analyze your competitors.

You identify the best possible keywords for your business.

You prepare a list of parameters for your online branding requirement.

You can also hire an agency or a digital marketing team, let's discuss the advantages & disadvantages of both below.

Hiring an Agency – They are experienced, they have multiple case studies along with the success stories. In an agency, you will have access to a manager, content writer, SEO specialist, PPC specialist, and the owner of the company even, with a plethora of knowledge at a package cost.

Hiring a Team – It would be much more time-consuming to shortlist the right candidates. If you are not an expert, you won't be able to understand what is going wrong with your digital marketing planning. Hence, regularly monitoring your team becomes difficult. On the contrary, once you have a team in place, and if that starts producing the results for you, it becomes permanent. You don't have to be dependent on a third-party, and you enjoy your dividends only in exchange for resource cost and incentives.

A few Guidelines on Google Webmaster

You have to build the pages primarily for the online users and not for the search engines.

You have to avoid deceiving or misdirecting your online visitors.

Don't use any quick trick to break a standard rule of Search Engine ranking. Remember, shortcuts may yield you immediate results but can harm you later on.

You need to place the web components in such a way that your online visitors enjoy browsing the contents and navigating through different pages.

Things to Avoid in SEO

Generating automatic contents

Participating in networked links

Creating pages with very little or no content

Plagiarism in the material (it can black-list your website)

Using copyright images

Hidden texts and links are strictly not allowed

Doorway pages – these give you quick success in SEO by funneling the search results based on a few particular pages.

If you are planning for SEO and online branding, you must be aware of a term called Local Business Listing and Online Reputation Management. Once your business is listed as a local business, you get a lot of mileage. At the time of starting your SEO activities and best practices, you start receiving quick responses from your local region. Online Reputation Management is also an important aspect which talks about your reviews and comments on various pages & its description. Some companies plan their SEO task list even before creating the wire-frame of the website.

Robust planning of SEO helps in creating the desired list of web elements to be present in your website. Your website should be focused on the interests and needs of your online visitors so that your online identity becomes responsible for your revenue earning via conversions.

Hence, be it hiring a team of digital marketers or a digital marketing agency, establishing an online identity is a must. There are numerous tools available today that help create comprehensive analytics of the Search Volume and Search Patterns. You can make full utilization of the same and get going with your website development and SEO action plan. 

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