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Y/n pov

You wake up tied up to a post and the dude you start freaking out because you where claustrophobic ( Fear of small spaces) and you thought about it and that was..........Sammy Lawrence after he was done giveing me what felt like a hour of talking he left the room  and was attacked by I think was bendy

You finally manage to get out and run to a puddle of ink and you got closer and bendy popped out you screamed while running HOLY SHIT!!!! Till you lost him in the music department where you where hit in the head and went to the band room and decided to sing to calm your self down.

Start song now

You danced gracefully and since you where in gymnastics you did cartwheels backbends handstands splits flips  a the end of the song you saw someone clapping well aren't you a talent sheep.

Sorry this is a short chapter book sorry lol.

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