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You and (crush) were out enjoying some quality time together. Looking around in all the shops and malls, ate a lunch at a wonderful restaurant, and just spending time in public places, it was nice, definitely the best day you've had in a long time.

But of course... something had to come and ruin it.

A villain made his way into the city and destroyed buildings, harming people, and causing chaos everywhere. This made (crush) angry, they weren't going to stand by and let this happen.

Without even thinking, they sprinted off towards the villain, you tried to stop them, wanting them to leave it to the other heroes because you didn't want them to get hurt, but it was no use.

(Crush) faced the villain, and fought as hard as they could, but, this villain was much more powerful than (crush) was, and they ended up getting hurt. They struggled to move, they were covered in wounds.

You... you couldn't just stand there!

Do you go to (crush)? Or face the villain yourself?

kinda wanna do this will all might if we're doing double 👉👈 but if not thats okay

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