Foreign Affairs Chapter 12

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  • Dedicated to Ashlee- the obsessed woman

The next morning, I lay awake in Caspian’s bed with him sleeping beside me. My body felt sore, but in a good way. I gave a secret smile what happened last night. But then again, you’re cheating with Sam. My mind wandered.

No, this is not cheating. Besides, Caspian doesn’t love Lilliandil and I don’t love Sam so there. It wouldn’t be cheating and face it, we’re two grown adults. 

I gave a heavy sigh, scooting closer to Caspian who responded with wrapping his arms around me. 


I raise the white sponge, squeezing it, letting the soapy water drip down my arms. My hair was tied in a tight messy bun with strands sticking to my shoulders. 

“Having a good time?” Caspian ask. We decided to take a morning bath together. I was on one end of the bathtub and Caspian on the other end. Our legs intertwined beneath the bubbled water. The bathroom is amazing. It could fit probably ten people in here. The bathtub had candles that automatically lit when I step in. 

“With you, of course.” I replied. I lean against the tub, raising my foot, resting it beside Caspian’s shoulder. He gave a kiss on my calf, causing me to giggle. 


“Where have you been?” Sam ask when I appeared in my room. 

“I couldn’t sleep,” I replied, dressing in warmer clothes. “Does it seem to be getting a little colder? That’s weird.” I said to Sam. 

“Stop ignoring me, Ava, and tell me where were you.” 

“I was at Caspian’s room. We talk and he apologize about what happen at the dining room and we had some tea together.” 

“Okay, well I miss you in bed,” he said believing my lie. He gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek before picking up his sword. 

“And where do you think you’re going with that?” I ask. 

“Sword fighting and hunting. My two new favorite hobby. Besides the Marines.” I rolled my eyes, turning around rummaging through my closet, looking for warmer clothes. 

“I saw you,” Lilliandil spoke behind me. I gasp, turning around. She was sitting on my bed, still. 

“What do you mean?”

“You didn’t have tea with Caspian.” My eyes widen. She knew. 

“Lilliandil..” She held up a hand to stop me. 

“There’s no need to apologize. I’ve seen the way he looks at you. I wish he would do the same for me. I felt that mistreating you like this could bring attention but it backfired.” 

“Lilliandil, what are you saying?” I ask, sitting down next to her. 

“What I’m saying is, I spoke to my father about the lie. So now I’m out of your hair and everyone else’s. Goodbye Ava,” She stood up, going to the door. 

“Wait, Lilliandil,” I called after her.


“Good luck. And thank you.” She gave a small genuine smile. 

“You’re welcome. If you need any help, you know where to find me.” 

I’ll sure miss that crazy bitch. 


With Sam mostly gone of the day, hunting or sword fighting, Caspian and I spend every minute together. Especially with horses, which he was trying to make me overcome. We were at the beach with a black horse. Trufflehunter, Mrs. Buttercup, and Snow White was there, laughing silently to themselves as they watch me run away from the horse. 

“No, Ava! You are not leaving until you get on the horse,” Caspian said, pulling me back by my waist. My bare heels left deep lines on the sand as I try to hold back. I was dress in the same white shirt, black pants but with no boots since it was getting heavy due to the waves. Caspian was dress  in a loose white cotton shirt and loose fitting black pants. He has his boots on unlike me. 

“Okay, remember how I taught you. Get on the hose,” Caspian instructed. 

I cautiously step forward the horse who obediently stayed still. I grunted with effort, lift my body, swinging my leg over the saddle. Few claps and cheers came from the badgers and centaur. 

“Job well done, my lady,”

“The horse just spoke,” I scream. 

“All animals speak here, even a mouse, Ava.” 

“It’s alright miss, I won’t hurt you,” the horse spoke. 

“What’s your name?”


“Well, my real name is Francesca, but I prefer Ava. I never told anybody, not even my best friend,” I was then instructed to ride from the hill and back to Caspian. Mystique trotted slowly, leaving imprints of her hooves in the sand. I kick my heels, making her go faster. I felt the wind blowing through my fishtail braid. The cool salty air against my face and the mist from the waves that sprayed against my face. 

“Ava!” Caspian called. 

I look back. 

“Ava, stop!” 

I look in front of me. Mystique was heading straight for the stone carved tunnel and into the forest. I pulled on her reigns when Caspian’s figure disappeared behind the trees. 

“I’m sorry Ava, are you alright?” A sudden chill surround the area causing me to rub my arms. 

“Did you feel that? It got cold all of a sudden,” I could see my breath as I talked. My feet were getting numb too. 

“Should we go back?” She ask. 

“Wait,” I said, peering behind the trees up ahead. 

“There’s something there,” 

“Ava, we should really go back,” Mystique urged on. 

“Hello?” I called, coming closer to the trees. “Is someone there?” A twig snap just a few feet beside us. 

“Sam?” I whispered. An echo of slurred voices came from the trees and Mystique trotted nervously.  

“Ava?” the horse said. A white shadow shot out of the trees and toward me. 

“Go!” I shouted, slapping the reigns, kicking my heels. Mystique gallop quickly, her powered legs taking us away from the trees. The white shadow was gaining on us fast. Mystique jump over a rotten log, I lost grip of the saddle, falling backwards. Mystique was already out of the forest. 

I scrambled to my feet, gasping as the white shadow appeared in front of me. 

“Go away,” I said through gritted teeth. “I’m not afraid of you,” A shrilled laugh came out of nowhere.

“Oh? Your heart says otherwise. Do you think you can stand up to me?” It was a woman.

“Who are you?” I ask, backing up, hitting the tree. An apparition of a woman with beady eyes, long blonde flowy hair and pale skin appeared in front of me. 

“Why, I’m the White Witch.” 

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