If we're dating, do I get discounts?

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Of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to call this Mikey guy. I mean, have you seen him!? So, as soon as I dropped off the Eggnog latte at Sara's house, and arrived back home, I called him. I figured that, judging by the time, his shift would probably be over. I dialled the 10 numbers as fast as possible. It rang once, twice, three times. By now I figured he had stood me up like most guys in my life. But to my surprise, he picked up.
"Hello?" He questioned into his phone. "Helloo?" He said again, exaggerating the 'O'.
"Oh, um h-hi" I stuttered shyly into my phone. Damn it. I've only been talking to this guy for about ten seconds and I've already embarrassed myself. Great.
"Who is this?" Mikey asked me. Maybe it would've helped if I started with that...
"Oh! It's the girl from Starbucks. The one that you gave your number to?" I'm hoping that he doesn't always give away his number, otherwise, this would become very awkward very fast.
"Oh, ya long blonde hair, braces?" He seemed to realize who I was now.
"Yep, that's me!" I said. "So, wanna meet up somewhere?" I asked, hoping not to sound too pushy.
"Uh, sure. How bout the pier at 1:30?" He said shyly.
"No problem. See ya there." I quickly hung up and as soon as I was sure it was hung up, I cheered of delight. Finally a guy likes me! And it's not a prank, hopefully.

I couldn't decide what to wear. I could wear my over sized Mikey mouse sweater and my burgundy leggings, or my black crop top with my white shorts. I decided to go with my second option with my black toms, and of course my usual stack of brackets to hide my scars.
As I pulled up to the pier I saw Mikey standing near the nearby park. I parked and walked towards him. When I was a few feet away I raised my hand to wave and say hello, but I then realized that he had more people with him. Three other boys stood near him one with, from what I can tell, a girlfriend. The other boys were as follows. The tallest one with quiffed blonde hair was swinging on a swing, although very tall, he appeared very muscular. The other one had very dark brown hair with a few blonde streaks, he was climbing the structure. There was also one with his girlfriend, he was VERY muscular and had curly and somehow wavy hair. His girlfriend was absolutely stunning, beautiful blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and sexy glasses. Great. So, I'm going to be hanging out with all these good-looking people looking like I do.
"HEY! OVER HERE!" Michael called to me. No backing out now.
I walked towards him. As soon as I started walking all the boys and the one boy's girlfriend stopped what they were doing and watched me. This wasn't a good stare.

"Ew what even are those glasses"
"She's so gross"
"Look at her acne"
These were my daily insults while I walked through the school halls.
"She's so fat"
"I wonder if she's broken any mirrors with that face"
I pretended to not here them as I quickly escaped the battlefield of insults. I ran to my getaway, the washroom, and just collapsed. I reached into my bag and grabbed my brand new sharpener. I pulled out the blades and began to slice my wrist from left to right, making rows along my arm as sobs escaped from within.


I used to receive these stares daily at school. I'm used to it, but because of it I developed social anxiety. I just ignored them as I reached Mikey.
"H-hey Mikey. It is Mikey right?" I asked.
"Yep! I never learned your name though. What is it?" He pondered somewhat flirty.
"It's Lauren." I mumbled. I've always hated my name.
"Aye Mikey is that yer girlfriend?" The boy with the dark brown and blonde hair asked, chuckling.
I turned to glare at the boy, then turned back to Mikey, "If we're dating, do I get discounts at Starbucks?" They all laughed, making me feel less scared.


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