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   My parents leaving me was the worst thing that could happen to me. I never knew how unfair and hard life was until they left , just their ashes were seen . As for my siblings, they were kidnapped , rumor has it that Brittany was sold as a sex slave and Nelson as a mere slave.
     #6 years ago #
"Lana honey , your father and i are going for a meeting with noble specialities . We can't afford to miss it. our company will boost baby . " Ma condor , my mum spoke gently while waving some documents in her hands.
" You taking your private jet mom? how long would you guys be gone? I really can't live without you guys " My features saddens as tear drops falls on my white petal skin . Truth be told, i'm nothing without them . I began crying silently for reason I do not know . Ma Condor comes closer to me and crouches down and gently pat my back having easier access to wipe me tears .
" Well yes , we're taking our private jet and we'll be back surely by next week . It's not too  long baby . You and your siblings will be taken care of properly hmmph? You can escort us to the port. " She pecks me lightly on the forehead 'yea, i'm no crybaby any longer ' i thought .

- - - -
  * at Vandy's villa *

Vandy lights up his cigarette and push them into his almost damaged lungs . His face hardened , Anger in his eyes . more like a scary man ... he has scars on his left cheek and below his reddish lips ... wrinkles on his forehead and cuts on his body . He's heavily built but has no confidence as of before . However, he's willing to build back his confidence and deal with the man who made him suffer this way.
  " Any updates already Natalie?"
  " Not yet sir " she picked up her wine glass along with Vandy's and poured some white wine in it .
  " Vandy , please "
  " Yes Vandy . there's a new update on their location . "
  " Hmm . Nice . Where are they?"
  " They are heading somewhere in their PJ "
  " Hack into their surveillance cameras in both their house and Condor's office "
  " A minute "
Vandy began pacing around the office in excitement . He immediately burst into an uproarious laughter showing his killer smile  .
  " Ma Condor mentioned in his home that they're going for important meeting with noble specialities "
  " Haha....specialities my foot! "
  " Austin , track them down. Natalie check the footage in Sir Condor's office,our plan will be well executed " a light devilish smirk appeared on his face. His features seamed to be appealing but deep down the seed of evil had already been planted. He gritted his teeth .
  " Fred, place a call to the boss and tell him about their location .   also , inform him to send his men while i send mine . our plan ambush should be laid and everyone present should be killed brutally "
"I'll see if they can escape this time "
- - - -
   * The boss's warehouse *
   The boss quietly sat down on his chair , drinking champagne and smoking cigar . All that was going through his mind was vandy .  He awaited Vandy's call . Tapping his feet on the ground impatiently , he blew more smoke out of his lungs . Sooner , his phone began beeping letting out annoying sounds to his ear . He disregarded it then it rang again ; checking the caller ID it was vandy .
  " ...... "
  " Boss " vandy hailed angrily and cheerfully from the other side .
  " Fuck you. "
  " I'm very sorry boss . I got information on their whereabouts . "
  " Darn it ! How could you? I awaited your call for three days "
  " Like i said , I'm sorry we just had an update . "
  Vandy began fumming from the other side . The conversation continued and their whereabouts was stated .
  " I've gathered our men long ago and gave them the formation of our plan . Where would they put up ? "
  " Their new penthouse at LA . "
  " Forward our men the location . it must be a success this time or else you'd work yourself out ! "
  " Boss , how do we get the children ? "
  " Leave that to me , i'd figure it out vandy . Just this last shot , we've reached the top . Take care."
  He immediately cut the call after the last sentence . He had some discussions with his crew in a consecutive restaurant to tell them about the latest progress.

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