Who's She?

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*Kaleigh's POV*

We walk into the after party venue. Music blasts through the speakers as stars dance the night away. Across the room and past the dance floor is a bar, and a few tall tables are scattered around. You can smell the alcohol and sweat that fills the room. We all walk over to the bar and order drinks. After we find a tall table to stand by.

"Honey we're going to go to the ladies room," I inform Harry as me, Sophia, and Perrie walk away.

*Harry's POV*

Zayn, Liam, and I are all talking about how lucky we are to have won all 5 awards. Just then Liam nearly spit out his drink. I look at him weirdly as he took a napkin and wiped the alcohol from his lips. "Mate are you ok?" I ask.

"Harry turn around," I turn around and I can't believe my eyes. It's my ex girlfriend Violet Winters. Her hair is black with dark pink at the ends. She's wearing a tight black dress that has mesh cut outs, one right under her bra line and two others at the bottom of her skirt. Shes wearing baige heels and her make up looks dark. She looks the same she did two years ago...just with different hair. Why the hell is she here?

"Dude is that Viol-" "Yes." I cut Zayn off.

"Why the fuck is she here?" I ask Liam and Zayn. The both shrug their shoulders and look back at her. Zayn's eyes grow wide.

"She's walking this way mate. Act cool and don't give into her skank ways." I tense up and I nod. Then I down the rest of my drink. I set the glass down on the table and feel a finger tap on my left shoulder. I turn around.

"Guess who?" Violet asks and smiles. I don't smile back. "Well isn't it the biggest whore I know." I answer and I hear Liam and Zayn laugh.

"Now that's no way to treat an ex," She starts and giggles a little. She moves closer to me and continues. "I saw you checking me out Styles."

"Actually I wasn't. See, I have a girl friend." I say and step back.

"Really? I don't see her." She says and messes with my colar.

"Be careful Harry, If you step to close you may catch an STD." Liam says and I laugh. Violet looks pissed though.

"I don't remember asking you Liam." She snaps.

"Weird I really don't give a fuck." Liam snaps back.

"Since when are you the boss of him?"

"I'm not. But I know he doesn't want herpes. Why are you here anyway?"

"Didn't you guys see me? I background danced for Iggy today."

"No actually we were all to busy looking at anyone but you. Besides I would of noticed your ugly a-" he's cut off by Violet.

"Whatever just fuck off." She focuses back on me. She grabs my arm and squeezes it. "Harry, why don't you get back with me? Don't you remember how happy we were?"

"Yeah I do," I say and push her off. "You know I gave you everything. I helped you book your first dance gig. I bought a house for the two of us. But that was nothing to you. I was on tour for a week and I find out you had sex with five different guys!" I say and raise my voice.

"Harry, you know I said I was sorry like a billion times," She's very close to me now. "You know I love you and want to be with you." Our noses are touching.

"No. Kaleigh is a thousand times better than you. She would never do what you did." I say and try to back off.

"But can she kiss you like this?"

*Kaleigh's POV*

Me and the girls walk out of the bathroom and walk towards the table. We turn the corner and my heart breaks. Some girl with pink hair is kissing Harry! I start to cry. I can't believe this! I thought Harry was different. I need to get our of here. I push past Perrie and Sophia as they try to hug me.

"Kaleigh hold on!" I hear them yell.

*Harry's POV*

"Kaleigh hold on!" I hear Sophia and Perrie yell. I push Victoria off of me and look at Kaleigh. She makes eye contact with me and I can see how hurt she is. Tears fill her eyes as she looks down and runs away. I push past Violet and run towards her.

"Kaleigh please hold on! I can explain!" It was to late though. She ran out the door and I couldn't find her outside. I'm going to kill that slut Violet! But first I have to find Kaleigh...I can't lose her.

//AN: Hello readers! I am back. I hope you enjoyed this chapter and there are more to come soon! Thank you for being patient :) Love you guys!\\

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