Chapter 16

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(Y/N) P.O.V.

"And become a creepypasta..." Slender said. I froze in my spot. Why would I become a creepypasta? For someone I barely knew?

'You'll have to think about this one (Y/N)...' I thought.

"I'll give you a week... But for now, let me introduce you to everyone." slender said, reading my mind once again.

~time skip~

Slender brought me to a room full of different killers and such. He introduced me to all of them.

Slender : "The one eating cheesecake is Masky. Say hi Masky."

Masky: "*eating cheesecake vigorously* hi"

(Y/N): "Hello Masky I'm (Y/N)."

Slender: "The one in the yellow hood is Hoodie, say hi Hoodie."

Hoodie : "..."

(Y/N) : "Hello silent one..."

Slender : "The ones playing video games are Ben and Sally. Say hi you two!"

Ben/Sally in unison : "Hi!"

(Y/N) : Hello! I'm (Y/N)!

Slender : "The ones on the couch are Laughing Jack and Jane the Killer. Say hi."

Jack/Jane : "hello~"

(Y/N) : "hello, I'm (Y/N)!

Slender : "that's seems to be all of- wait! Have you met Jeff and smile dog?"

(Y/N) : "J-Jeff?!

Jeff : "YOU!!"

Smile Dog : "RUFF!!"

Masky : "CHEESECAKE!! :D"

Slender : "Oh sweet mother of Zalgo... *facepalm*

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