Chapter Thirteen

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Tall white candles lit up the resturant Namirś (Nay-mir-z) as I strolled in . The white table cloths and the tall vase of flowers as a centerpiece was the perfect touch and the live music sent out smooth R&B lyrics. One reason why I love this place is because it always fills you with the feeling of relaxation, soulful beats and good food from around the world.

I scanned the resturant looking for Marcus. My heels clicked against the shiny wooden floors as I walked to where he was sitting.

"I'm sorry, I know I'm late."

I sat down across the table from him.

"Its aight."

The watress came and took our orders.

"Hello my name is Chantel and I'll be your watress tonight. Have you all decided on your drinks?" she asked.

"Yes, I'll have your best bottle of champagne."

"And, I'll have a bottle of your finest beer."

"Okay, I'll right back with your drinks."

The watress left, leaving Marcus and me alone. Marcus looked off at the live band.

"So, tell me sum.. " I said.


"I know this is suppose to be a great night but .. I just wanna know,was it me.?"


"Yes me, what is it something that I did or have done .. Im not trying to start nun okay, Im just asking."

Marcus pulled at his beard as he looked off.

"Honestly, I dont know Lauren .."

The watress came back with our drinks and took our food orders.

I looked out at the people dancing on the dance floor, smiling and laughing.

"Why cant we be like them.." I asked.


"Happy." I said as I gazed at him.

Marcus wiped his face from his nose to his chin with his hand.

"Why are you so blue Lauren, Damn cheer up, get out your feelings just for a minute, I came here to spend time with you, not listen to all this shit."

Marcus' phone vibrated on the table. He looked at it but suprisingly didnt answer.

"Who's that?"



"Listen Lauren, can we please just have a good time and leave all the extra shit out?, its just me and you tonight aight." he said as he grabed my hand from across the table.

"Dont you rember when we met at this very place?" he continued.

I thought back to when we first met.

"Yeah I do."

A Tuesday evening on a mother's day and I strolled into Namirś for a dinner date with Stacy and our moms. Everybody in town booked a reservation or at least tried. We ended up getting a table beside the booth where Marcus and his mother was sitting.

"I remember the whole convo my mother and I were having. " Marcus said

•••Flashback to Marcus and His Mother••

"So how you been mama."

"Im hanging in there baby, How bout you."

"Im good, I just got a promotion at the job today too."

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