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Chapter 1~ Dani

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"Danielle Marie Morrison, get your butt out of bed or I'm not taking you to school!" My step mother yelled. I didn't want to go to school. Monday's always sucked, I just didn't know how bad this Monday would be.

"I'm coming you ugly cow" I mumble to myself, hopping out of bed, and going straight to the bathroom. The mirror is all fogged up, probably because step mom had to wash off all her pride, oh wait... she already did.

Two years ago, my dad cheated on my mom with her. They were the perfect couple until a month later he confessed. My mom kicked him out. My mom had to take care of me, I was a sophomore, my older brother, Jimmy, who was a senior, and she had to take care of my little sister, Ari, who was in 6th grade at the time.

A couple months later, when summer began, my mother and sister got into a car crash. My brother left for college at Harvard, lets just say he's really smart and we are pretty rich, and I got stuck with the evil step mother, my cheating father, and the mom's daughter who's 15, goth, and the most annoying, rude, bratty person you'll ever meet. She's worse than her mom. I'm surprised I haven't run away yet.

I clean off the fogged mirror, and I can see myself perfectly. I have dark brown almost black hair that goes down to about half way down my back. My eyes are the same color, and are big, bold, and deep, or at least that's what people say. My skin is pale and clear- except the big, bright red zit on my nose- like a vampire's. I look goth like my step sister, but I wear always wear natural make up, and rarely black clothes.

I take a quick shower, and right as I step out, the door opens.

"Can't I get a little privacy?" I snap, as the goth brat comes in.

"I need to brush my teeth" she replies, and walks up to the sink, grabbing her tooth brush and tooth paste.

"Get out!" I yell, throwing a small towel at her, but it misses.

"Your hilarious" she says as the toothpaste oozes onto the tooth brush.

"You are" I correct, folding my arms.

"Do I look like I care?" Lillian- that's the brats name- questions. I storm out of the tiny bathroom, bringing my hair brush with me.

I slam the door behind me as I get to my room, and then notice the greasy, black hair in the bristles.

"LILLIAN YOU LITTLE BRAT" I scream, running back into the bathroom.

"What?!" She asks, flossing her teeth.

"Why is your crappy hair in my brush?" I question, taking it out, and throwing it at her.

"EW! That's not even my hair!" She shrieks. I pull out a piece and hold it up against her hair.

"It's a match! Now tell me why you used my brush or I'll tell mom and dad about the weed I found under the sink!" I state.

"Fine, my brush broke so I used yours, okay? Get over it, hair isn't going to kill you!" Lillian screams, and then walks out of the bathroom.

"What is the meaning of this screaming and your mess?!!" My step mom asks as she walks in.

"It was Lillian!" I tell her.

"Lillian is a perfect little angel who is going to be on time for school. You, however, are still in your pajamas when you should be dressed and ready to go in 5 minutes! Now hurry up!" She yells at me, and then leaves.

I clean up the mess, quickly pull up my wet hair into a high pony tail, and then run to my room. I have to get dressed in two minutes, so I grab a reddish orange v-neck and boot cut jeans.

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