Chapter 15

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(Y/N) P.O.V.

I walked out of the room and almost jumped a mile when Slender POOFED in front of me.

"(Y/N)-" he said in his deep voice

"Nope... before you say anything else I want to say thank you for the stay and I will be on my way now."
I said walking away but didn't get to the stairs before he snatched me up with one of his weird tentacles and teleported to a room with a desk, where he was sitting, and a chair, where I sat.

We sat in silence for a while when he interrupted the silence,

"No questions?" He said.

Except this time he didn't say it. 'He said it through his... mind...' I thought.

"I can do that. It's one of my abilities." he said as if he read your mind. "So..." he continued, "Any questions?"

"Yeah, how about why am I here and how the fu-"

He shot me an angry look.

"Ok... how the frick-frack can you read my mind?!" I said/thought.

"Every creepypasta has some kind of an ability." he replied.

"Ok so you guys are legit..." I thought.

Silence consumed the room once again before he told me something that would answer all of my questions.
He told me about creepypasta and how no one should know they are real and that' of the reasons I'm here. He also told me that not all creepypasta live here, only his proxies.

"Then how am I still here? Would you erase my memory or something?" I asked. Slender stayed silent before saying,

"Ticci Toby insisted you would stay with us... He... cares for you. So he wanted you to stay here with us and..."

"And what?" I asked nervously.

"And become a creepypasta." He replied.

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