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The little girl whimpered in her bed as the lightening struck again louder across the sky. She scampered out of bed with her tiny feet padding across the hard wood floor. She stood on her tippy toes and slowly turned the doorknob on her door and opened the door into the dark hallway. She heard the lightening again making her jump and run down the hall to a door at the very end she turned the doorknob with a grunt trying to turn it quietly. The door opened into the big room of where her saviour slept. She ran to the bed where he slept soundly and she whimpered and tried crawling up onto his bed but couldn't reach. She started pulling on his blankets with tears brimming her eyes in fear he wouldn't wake and hide her from the scary monsters and loud storm. She let out a cry of fear as the lightening struck again and this time her saviour jolted awake and looked around looking for the source until he turned to the side of the bed she was standing on with tears sliding down her cheeks and his eyes softened as he quickly picked her up off the floor and into his arms as her little arms wrapped around his neck . He calmed her, his scent was something that got rid of even the scariest of things. He gently rubbed her hair rocking her " shhhhh, it's ok. Let's go beddy bye layla" her eyes were already drooping in tiredness and she felt him kiss her forehead gently before he laid her down next to him and tucked her in wrapping his arms around her tiny body. She nestled up close to him finding the comfort she needed and slowly fell back into slumber.

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