Chapter 21 - Don't you hate it when your conscience is smarter than you?

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Chapter 21

Leon's POV

There was a silence on the other end of the phone, and for half a minute I thought Anabelle had gone.

That was until I heard a deep sigh.

I continued to wait for a response from her, because 1) it seemed like the gentleman-ly thing to do and 2) there were several ways she could interpret the cryptic word 'Lana'.

Finally, Anabelle decided to reply.

A - "What about her? If it's about you liking her, just be a man and tell her!"

L - "She's.... Wait, WHAT? How did you know I liked her?"

A - "Dude, it's obvious. Your whipped!"

Mm, I thought. Was it really that obvious?

'Well, duh!' Derrick commented rolling his imaginary eyes at me.

'Well, if it's that obvious, Derrick' I started, putting emphasis on his name. 'How come Lana can't see it?'

Haha, let him answer that one!

'Well, Leon,' Derrick said, copying my tone on my name. 'Two possibilities: 1) She is just so innocent that she is blind! or the other, most likely option - she feels the same way as you, but thinks you like her only as a friend, so can't see that you actually do like her!'

Damn, I hate it when he answers with something smart like that. It makes me feel dumb.

'You are dumb, dumb ass!'

I scowled at the voice in my head.

"LEON!!" Anabelle screeched. Ouch, there goes my hearing in that ear! I thought, feverishly rubbing my ear trying to stop the shrill ringing that was echoing around.

"What?" I asked, still rubbing my ear.

"Where the hell did you go?" she demanded, sounding angry.

"Um," I trailed off, not wanting to tell her about Derrick. Wow, I thought. Makes it sound like I'm cheating on my friend with my conscience. "Just zoned out."

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