“I can’t believe it.” Ashley said in a hushed tone holding her head in disbelief sitting at the dining table.

Zayn and Niall sat beside her trying their best to console her. They were all grief stricken by seeing Carrie fall to her death in the dark gaping hole. Seeing the figure identical to Harry’s also had them all spooked.

“Here, have some water.” Zayn passed her a small glass.

“Thanks.” she took a small sip and felt a little better as the cool refreshing drink ran down her throat. “You know what sucks? Carrie thought that was actually Harry. She wanted to tell him so badly how much she loved him. But little did she know that wasn’t really him.” tears started to collect in her eyes.

“Everything is a mess since we came here.” Zayn said running a hand through his dark hair in frustration. He looked towards the backyard, where Louis and Liam were trying to see if they could find Carrie’s body and somehow retrieve it. If their friends were going to die, the least they could do was bury their bodies the way they deserved to.

“Why don’t you just blame it on Stephanie? You know you want to.” Niall stated.

Ashley and Zayn both look over to Niall confused and hurt.

“What the hell do you mean?” Zayn asked.

“Don’t ask innocent. You all hated Steph! It was her idea to come here and obviously you would blame this all on her.” his voice became louder.

“Niall, we all agreed to come here. It’s all our fault equally.”

“Yeah sure.” Niall scoffed rolling his eyes.

“What the hell has gotten into you?” now Zayn’s voice raised.

“Guys, the last thing we need to do is get into an argument. We all need to be strong for each other. Stop fighting, please.” Ashley placed each of her hand on Niall and Zayn.

Niall moved his arm away in disgust making Ashley pull her hand away hurt. “Being stuck in this place, I’ve seen all of you guys’ true colors. None of you ever gave a shit about Stephanie! Now that she’s gone you shed tears for her? Of course you would!” he let out a laugh. “You guys never liked having her around. You hated the fact that I welcomed her to our group.”

“Niall, that’s not true.” Ashley said frightened as she had never seen him so angry.

“And I should believe you?” he glared her. “You hated her the most.”

The tears that had been resting in Ashley’s eyes started to spill. She bit her lip and looked away. “That’s not entirely true.” she said quietly but loud enough for him to hear. “She didn’t like me at all. She liked everyone else.”

“What is wrong with you? Stop talking to Ashley like that.” Zayn stood up staring at Niall.

“Or else what?” Niall also stood up his hands forming into fists.

Ashley sat between the two boys wiping her tears as they quickly streamed down her face. She didn’t want two of her friends to be fighting, especially in the situation they were in.

“You do a great job of portraying this image of yourself being this nice ass guy, when really I know you’re nothing like that.”

“Shut the fuck up. Sit down and calm your shit. You’re just saying things from the emotional distress that you and we all are going through. Stephanie was different from all of us but I never hated her. Stop thinking I’m or anyone else is blaming her for all of this.”

“Don’t fucking tell me what to do!” Niall charged towards Zayn and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

“Niall! Let him go!” Ashley got up and pulled Niall’s hands away from Zayn.

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