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#10 years ago #

Sun rays glowing on my white skin . I couldn't gather up the strength to get up from my bed . I slept drunk last night due to the surprise birthday party thrown for me . My room glitters with litters of last night , maids rushing everywhere in my room to help me clean up .
"Second young mistress , it's almost time for breakfast. You should be taking your cold shower now ; the bathroom is prepared." My personal maid , miss Sabrina said while bowing. It was my first time drinking alcohol. Thank goodness i have brilliant maids to prepare me a cold shower. I sit up straight stretching my arms and legs . My bones has to be relaxed before getting up .
Iget into the bath tub holding my smart phone . Sabrina put ready a pillow for me to lay my head on . Whilst i lay , a message pops up on my screen . " Good morning princess . How was your night ? I'm sure it was a turn up . I guess you slept well . I came into your room last night just to find you sleep talking..hehe . Come down for breakfast after shower . Don't ever get drunk again , I have clips of you .. Showers of love , I love you . Muah !" My lips gently curves into a smile while chuckling . My mom sure knows how to make me happy . I'm so honored to be a heiress of the Condor family . The best parents in the world.
I'm done showering , checking my closet my short sized jumpsuit glows with an happy birthday tag written on the breast plate . Wearing it is sure a good idea . My towel drops to the ground revealing my nakedness . looking at my body satisfies me ,' i'm a lucky girl with this body of mine '
My hands on the gold railings , admiring my dress . " you can take your sit second young mistress" molly , one on our maid says with her flashy smile
" uh-um i don't fit in with this second young mistress thingy . Lana is my name, please ? "
" you sure look good LANA, i can't help but compliment miss."
" why thank you molly " we share our laughter through the air .
" oh dear! Lana? you look so good in this dress . your father has quite a fashion sense " ma condor said looking at her husband seductively . 'been a while since i saw that look hmmph! maybe they just finished of sex' some part of my mind said
'doesn't matter . she is just giving him an approved smile '
"HEY !"
Every one sat down eating . my siblings and i exchange glances at my parents flirting with each other . Afterwards we threw a mini cupcake party in my name .

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