i just love your puppy dog eyes, i wanna be between your puppy dog thighs

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okay so you know those column things they set up at like dances and stuff? it's like a fabric thing. i'm always delusional when i wake up but for some reason that was bothering me so much this morning. i was pissed. like "seriously, you don't appreciate how hard it is to set those up. they're like six feet tall and it is so hard bc the little pole is so flimsy and the fabric is really flimsy and it sucks."

oh and i figured out why my fav characters are always the comic reliefs, and the answer will shock you. your fav characters are the ones you connect with most, right? the ones you see yourself in? well my fav characters are bow, hunk, peter parker, tony stark, ralph dibny, roman, notice the pattern here?? each character is insecure and lashes out or represses as a result bc they know why they're there, to be the middle man, and as much as i wish i could talk, it's hard. like there have been some times when i've opened up to my friends but i never mention it again bc the whole time i'm talking, i just keep telling myself i'm ridiculous, stupid, overreacting, all that jazz. and ik if someone told me something and i knew they thought that way i would tell them that it doesn't matter if your problem is small or big, if it's a big deal to you, it's worth my time. but when it comes to me nope. :))

i forgot how disturbing supernatural used to be and damn i kinda wanna be a ghost protector like preventing hunters from killing vengeful spirits bc the victims deserve it, that's just the tea

anyways it's pride month so YAYY

that's it, love ya, buh bye!


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